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Mindfulness Today


Mindfulness Today is a Glasgow-based social enterprise, established to help people develop strategies to manage stress and anxiety associated with modern living, and to promote general well-being.

We have international experience of teaching Mindfulness meditation techniques in secular and Buddhist communities, and deliver Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses, one-to-one tutorials and Mindfulness development retreats to communities in Scotland in both public and corporate sectors.Courses begin in Glasgow in February 2011.Please visit our website for more information

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...Mindfulness Today offer a distance learning option comprising of 9 x 45 minute phone tutorials. Stress In the Work-place As Mindfulness practices... Learn about: Personal Effectiveness... More

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Rewatha  Thero
Rewatha Thero
Mindfulness Teacher

Rewatha Thero (or Bhante as he is more commonly known) is a Theravada Buddhist monk who has been practising and teaching Mindfulness meditation techniques for 30 years both in Sri Lanka and the UK. He set up the first Mindfulness meditation centre in Scotland in 2003 in Maryhill, Glasgow, where he has been running Mindfulness based meditation classes ever since. He is currently conducting research about Mindfulness practice at the University of Bangor where he has recently completed the first year of his MSC in Mindfulness approaches in education and health care, as well as obtaining his postgraduate qualification in education (PGDE). He also has a BA in Indian philosophy and the Sanskrit language and an MA in Buddhist philosophy, which he currently teaches at Glasgow University. As well as running various charities in Scotland and abroad, in 2010 he launched the UK's first ever Buddhist college, to be based in Glasgow. Bhante has considerable experience of teaching Mindfulness to the secular western world in both public and corporate contexts.