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Miss Reception is London's ONLY dedicated Reception Training Academy. Our motivation for starting was simply to pass on the skills as well as the practical and theoretical knowledge to anyone who has the desire to find work in the professional receptionist field.

We have trainers working across the London area ensuring that the quality and confidence of students who enrol at the academy becomes first class.  A confident and knowledgeable receptionist is what every employer dreams about. Employers look for many things in a receptionist but with the competition being so strong, we believe that it is vital that you stand out at telephone interviews, face to face interviews and continue to do so after you have secured employment.

A receptionist's role is a rewarding one. Our training will demonstrate that these are skills which will never leave you.

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Sun Moritz
Sun Moritz
Head of Training


Miss Reception was launched in April 2006 after it's Directors realised the Receptionists they were placing into work were being critisised by employers due to lack of training and mentoring.  After having over 20 years recruitment experience, the Director's embarked upon the idea of being London's first reception training academy offering 'affordable' solutions to anyone who was seeking training in order to better their lives and personal circumstances.  They believed that 8 hours a day were spent travelling and working so ultimately people needed to be happy in what they were doing.  Three years on and Miss Reception has grown at an exponential rate.  With 10 trainers covering the London area, and The London Reception Academy operating for corporate reception staff, the company has grown not only in brand recogition but now upholds a reputation for being a formidable training provider which offers exclusive & unique training at a realistic and achievable price. 

Advantages of studying here

The courses are intensive and energetic.  You will be trained by teachers who feel passionately and deeply about this industry.  What we feel about reception is reflected throughout Miss Reception as a training provider.  We believe in what we do and we strive to pass down the knowledge and secrets as to what makes a first class receptionist.  We beieve in people and to this end our 'After Sales' service is arguably the best in the training industry.  We are there to continually support you after you have graduated and suport you in your search to find employment through references and endrosement from the academy.   The main benefits are the feeling of being treated as an individual - you will be engaged and stimulated whilst at the academy and we believe you will learn more through fun and enjoyment.  Miss Reception offers a truly unforgettable experience.

Areas of specialisation

Each trainer is carefully picked and must have a wealth of experience in the corporate reception world.  From executive and hotel reception, to corporate and basic reception experience, our trainers are eqipped with the insider knowledge and industry experience to ensure that once you leave the academy you are ready to commence employment into the office world.  The majority of our trainers have also worked within recruitment and training which means they possess a thorough and comprehensive understanding of what other employers are seeking in terms of expectations, CV's, interview skills but most improtantly how to conduct in an interview and once yu have gained employment.