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To encourage managers to question their misleading assumptions about other people and nurture the potential found in diversity.

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Course programme

The aim
To encourage managers to question their misleading assumptions about other people and nurture the potential found in diversity.

About the programme
Everyone deserves respect at work, regardless of their background or experiences. A diverse group of people can produce stronger ideas and fresh thinking. This leads to a more effective and positive approach to business performance.
This new style of programme introduces individuals who are both familiar to us yet differ from us in significant ways. It gives a powerful insight into their diverse lives and allows us to see how our minds process information about others.
Suitable for all managers, supervisors and team leaders who have responsibility for directing and supporting the work of diverse individuals and teams, this programme will help them become aware of their own thinking processes and question their assumptions of other people. They will learn to see others as individuals and will benefit from the rich diversity of backgrounds and experience.
To help you to provide an innovative and challenging session, the programme also comes with easy-to-use support materials, which have been written by Dr George Simons and Dr Walt Hopkins - world-renowned experts on diversity. It also includes an audio-only version to help call-centre operators understand customer diversity.

Key outcomes
-Become aware of your own thinking processes
-Challenge your assumptions about other people
-Embrace diversity in the workforce and see it as a strength

Programme includes:
Without assumptions (8 mins)
With assumptions (8 mins)
Audio-only version (8 mins)
Course leader's guide
Delegate worksheets on disc
PowerPoint slides on disc
Self-study workbook on disc

Video Arts World Series production. Release date: 2002

  • Felicity - without assumptions
  • Baz - without assumptions
  • Nina - without assumptions
  • David - without assumptions
  • Meeting - without assumptions
  • Felicity - with assumptions
  • Baz - with assumptions
  • Nina - with assumptions
  • David - with assumptions
  • Meeting - with assumptions
  • Felicity - audio only
  • Baz - audio only
  • Nina - audio only
  • David - audio only
  • Meeting - audio only


  • Trailer
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction
  • Assumptions
  • Awareness: learnings 1-2
  • Awareness: learnings 3-5
  • Application: learnings 6-7
  • Equal opportunities
  • Discriminatory practices
  • Stereotyping is silly
  • Action plan
  • Knowledge Check
We provide access to full tracking and reporting so you can keep up-to-date with the learner's progress. All our courses are fully SCORM-compliant for use with learning management systems and virtual learning environments.

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£ 799 + VAT