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To assess a nail technician's ability.
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The final cost may be increased if you require extra assessment sessions or more training sessions.

You will be required to research certain aspects of the industry yourself in order to complete your NVQ portfolio.

The Nail Industry over the last four/five years has seen a rapid increase in interest and business. This has lead to an influx of “nail technicians”. The quality of nail technicians is as varied as the training. Whilst most people think of nails as just a bit of hard skin at the end of the fingers and toes that don’t really matter, if these areas are not treated correctly damage can occur, ranging from minor infections to major systemic infections and permanent damage to the nail or in the worse case scenario the loss of nails or fingers.

At present it is possible to set up as a nail technician without a qualification, (although most places will ask for a certificate, some will hire out space without it.)

Training varies with who ever provides it.

Some training schools will only train one system at a time to a limited number of candidates per educator. Included in the training sessions will be sections on Health and Safety, contra-indications, Nail Anatomy, Product Knowledge as well in-depth practical application training.

Others will take on a large number of candidates and train in all three systems at the same time and only touch on nail anatomy (if it is included), not include any health and safety or product knowledge and the practical application training consists of the training applying the product and stating that this is how to do a set of nails.

All will provide a piece of paper at the end of the training session stating .

ANT and other people within the nail industry would like to see all councils setting a base standard for nail technicians. At present Westminster, Bexley and Camberley have already set this up by requiring that nail technicians hold a recognised qualification in manicure/pedicure and artificial nail structures. e.g. NVQs, VTCT, City & Guilds

The NVQ is designed to assess a nail technician’s ability against set criteria, known as standards. These standards are the lowest standards that would be expected from a nail technician and covers all areas of the working environment including health and safety relating to the client, technician and workplace. The standards cover the technician practical and theory knowledge and ability to ensure that not only does the client receive a good standard of nail enhancement or service but they also receive a safe service that is less likely to cause damage to the nail unit.

NVQ’s are interested in a baseline standard they are not interested in what product a candidate uses or where they obtained it, which ensures that the standards are consistent. Different product companies because they are trying to set up retail business, will teach that a certain method is right or wrong depending on whether their product supports a method, the NVQ looks only at the general safety issue on all products and how they are applied. For example one company will teach back-brushing because they say their system is safe another will not because of the danger of over-exposure. NVQ states that if back-brushing is carried out then it must be done with a clean dry brush to prevent the danger of overexposure on the nail plate.

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Payment options: Course Length Cost Basic Liquid & Powder 2 days £381.88 Basic Manicure 2 days £200.00 Basic L&P Assessment & ½ day £59.00 sign up for NVQ Rebalance Course ½ day £59.00 Health & Safety Theory ½ day £59.00 1st NVQ assessment ½ day £49.00 Problem Nail Course ½ day £59.00 2nd NVQ Assessment ½ day £49.00 Gel/Fibre Theory ½ day £59.00 3rd NVQ Assessment ½ day £49.00 Final finishing ½ day £49.00 assessment Total Cost £1072.88

NVQ - Nails

£ 1,072 + VAT