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Medical Law and Ethics - Distance Learning course
SCRIPT - Edinburgh University School of Law
  • Postgraduate
  • Distance Learning

...The Edinburgh Law School launched its Masters degree in Medical Law and Ethics via distance learning in 2008. This course draws on the expertise... Learn about: Medical Negligence, Medical Ethics, Medical Jurisprudence... More

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Mental Health Law - Distance Learning course
The Distance Learning Partnership
  • Vocational qualification
  • Distance Learning

...Suitable for: This is a personal development course designed for those who need a. working knowledge of this aspect of the law - mental health nurses, social workers, probation officers, some police employees and lay members of mental health tribunals. The course is supplied with two major... Learn about: Medical Ethics, Medical Negligence, Medical Jurisprudence... More

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  • Course
  • Online

...Having completed the course learners will be able to explain why it is important to an organisation, describe the main areas of legislation and regulation... Learn about: Medical Ethics... More

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  • Course
  • Online
  • Different dates available

... in this Certificate in Learn Medical Math Online Course will help you perform day-to-day math tasks quickly and easily. First, you’ll brush up your basic math skills. You’ll begin with a review of fractions, decimals, and percentages, and then dive into measurement systems and conversions used in the medical field... Learn about: Basic IT training, Skills and Training, Basic IT... More

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Law & Medical Ethics - Distance Learning course
SCRIPT - Edinburgh University School of Law
  • Course
  • Distance Learning

.... However, if your interest is to gain a wider overview of medical law and how it can be successfully combined with medical ethics in practical terms,... Learn about: Medical Ethics, Medical Jurisprudence, Medical Negligence... More

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  • Short course
  • Online
  • Intermediate
  • Online campus

... to avoid the consequences of medical or clinical negligence with its attendant litigation or settlement costs... Learn about: Understanding legal requirements in health and social care, Understading legal consequences, Being aware and avoiding risks to health... More

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  • Short course
  • Online

...This module will help you understand the overall picture of government policy, legislation and the impact on practice in national and international contexts... Learn about: Social inclusion, Mental Health, government policy... More