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    Glasgow (Scotland)

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    3 Years

If you choose to study your Strathclyde MBA on a full-time basis you can expect a stimulating experience. Your year with us will be an opportunity to stretch yourself to the limit, be challenged by the faculty and your colleagues, and make lasting friendships across the world.
Suitable for: Whilst career progression is still the main reason why most of our course members undertake the Strathclyde MBA, often individuals are looking for a complete change in direction. This could be fulfilling your entrepreneurial aspirations to become your own boss, or it could involve side-stepping onto a completely different career ladder.



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About this course

For entry to the MBA programme you must: * hold a degree from a UK university or equivalent academic qualification from a comparable non-UK institution. Professional qualifications will also be considered * be at least 24 years of age * have a minimum of three years' postgraduate management experience

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Course programme

The Part-time MBA
A Scottish networking experience
Immediate Benefits
In addition to the full-time route, the generic alternative is the 'Learn as you Earn' (LAYE) method, which accounts for 90% of our participants. LAYE means that participants study while still working in a full-time job and are therefore still earning. All of the LAYE methods have the added advantage of enabling participants to relate their learning directly to their work place. This means that both participants and employers obtain immediate benefits from improved performance at work. LAYE methods also have the advantage of spreading fee payments over a longer period. Many such participants are sponsored by their employers.
Since only a few practising managers can leave the business world for full-time study, SBS has designed the part-time course so that you can gain the benefits of an MBA while still working.
If you are considering combining full-time employment with part-time study you will want to know how realistic it is to combine the demands of work, study and personal commitments.
SBS offers you the chance to gain a valued and well-established management qualification in a way best suited to your professional and personal circumstances. The programme combines the benefits of learning with immediate practical application in your working environment.
Choosing to study on the part-time MBA is a significant step especially at a time when career and lifestyles may change. A major advantage of the Strathclyde MBA is its flexibility and responsiveness to your needs. If you change you job or move away from the area, it is still possible to complete the degree through transfer to the Flexible Learning route. If your progress is delayed or disrupted, or you are prevented from completing the course, it is possible to substitute credits from the Flexible Learning route.
After 25 years of running the part-time Strathclyde MBA in Glasgow, the range of companies represented on the programme is impressive - from Scottish based blue-chips to SME's, and private to public sector organisations.
How does part-time (evening study) work?
When you join the Strathclyde MBA. you will attend evening sessions twice weekly (alternating each study year from Monday and Wednesdays to Tuesdays and Thursdays). You will be part of a single group of like-minded individuals, progressing through each of the three years at SBS.
Classes run from October to June each year, with holiday breaks at Christmas, Easter and the summer.
During your three years of study you will also attend approximately 4 weekend-schools. Some will last three days (usually Friday to Sunday) and others two days (usually Friday and Saturday).
For those keen to complete their studies under 3 years, then it is entirely possible to complete the Strathclyde MBA in 2 - 2.5 years. The fast-track option will involve project work being undertaken over the summer period, and attendance at full-time summer schools.
Teaching Sessions
The bi-weekly evening classes take place at SBS between 1830 and 2130. Students normally attend the two sessions each week and perhaps another study session for group work. The sessions are designed to be as participative as possible. When you consider the accumulated wealth of knowledge on a part-time MBA programme it would seem sensible to take advantage of it. During evening sessions teaching staff encourage both lively and stimulating debate. As a member of the programme you will be expected to participate in these debates - after all, it is your opportunity to test your own learning.

So, is the Part-Time route right for me?
Strathclyde's MBA is a challenging and stimulating programme - as one of the best available, it couldn't be anything else. As well as the two evening sessions per week you should be prepared for a significant amount of study time. In total you should expect to put in about 15 hours per week. A lot of the work you will be asked to undertake will be in small study groups and you should take into account the timing and logistics associated with this. If you value regular contact with tutors and course colleagues as well as the enriching experience of being able to immediately apply new concepts to your work then the part-time route is the ideal choice for you.

The Strathclyde Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised management qualification aimed at talented, ambitious and well-qualified people with solid business experience.
In particular it:
  • thoroughly prepares you for higher level, policy-forming positions
  • allows you to make a successful career move from one field or industry to another
  • allows a smooth progression from a technical specialism to general management
  • polishes the skills and enhances the abilities of people working for themselves or about to set up in business
What are the prime benefits?
  • A broad understanding of business and management issues
  • Strategic orientation and the ability to successfully implement the strategies formulated
  • Development of management skills, techniques and competences
  • Self-awareness as a manager and leader
  • Increased confidence in all areas of business
Career Development:
  • Enhanced promotion prospects
  • New career opportunities
  • Greater career security
  • Access to the extensive Strathclyde MBA alumni network
What are the benefits for employers and sponsors?
Improved corporate performance:
  • Greater understanding of corporate goals
  • More knowledgeable and successful management
  • Advanced communication through mutual understanding
  • Greater awareness of external influences and recognition of the need for a quality customer focus and market orientation
  • Increased potential for the effective utilisation of valuable corporate, human and other resources
Human Resource Development:
  • Greater ability to attract and retain high potential managers
  • Flexible approach to management education
  • Structured development of individual managers
  • Integral part of succession planning and development of tomorrow's leaders

Additional information

Support: Deciding to study the MBA is a considerable financial investment. You are advised to research how you are going to finance this as early as possible. The majority of students on the full-time programme as self funded. UK students can apply to loan schemes to fund their studies and non-UK usually raise their own finances through bank loans or scholarships.

Part-time Evening MBA

£ 15,000 + VAT