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      Physiotherapy: A Complete Guide

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      This course offers a fantastic way to learn physiotherapy, right from anatomy instruction, to diagnosis tutorials and through to special testing and joint play of different parts of the body.If you're currently a physiotherapy student or just have a passing interest, this course can help you improve on your fundamentals and advance your skills as a physiotherapist. It uses in-depth video tutorials to guide you all the way, constantly referring back to the latest research and science so you know your skills are up to date.By taking this course you will have the necessary skills to perform basic physiotherapy techniques on friends, family and clients. You will have the ability to successfully diagnose injuries to the body and perform appropriate practises on your patient.

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      · What are the objectives of this course?

      Learn physiotherapy techniques with 3 hours of fantastic online video tutorials and multiple PDFs
      Quizzes to check that you are on the right lines with the course.
      Improve your knowledge of the body and potential problems from your own home
      Learn about everything from diagnosis to Special Testing and Joint Play
      Improve your performance in physiotherapy exams  

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      Kenny Alfred
      4.0 01/04/2017
      What I would highlight: The course was like you were actually doing clinical but though video and was a mixture of vocational education and real life, because the course was produced that way.
      What could be improved: Well the least that I didn’t like was the lack of evidence needed to present to an institution like transcript of your learning and also a diploma that actually looks real.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      What you'll learn on the course


      Course programme

      Introduction & Patient History Taking
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      Introduction & Patient History
      Patient History & RPS Form
      Task 1
      RPS Form

      Observation & Functional Assessment
      Handout - Posture analysis
      Posture Analysis
      Handout - Functional Assessment
      Functional Assessment
      Task 2
      Jacky Brown RPS from Week 1

      Gait Assessment, Active & Passive Range of Movement, Resisted Isometric Testing
      Handout - Gait Assessment
      Gait Cycle & Gait Analysis
      AROM & PROM
      Task 3
      Gait Analysis Nijmegen

      Basic Assessment of the Hip
      Introduction to AROM Hip
      Active Range of Motion: Hip
      PROM Hip
      Passive Range of Motion: Hip
      Resisted Isometric Testing: Hip
      Task 4
      RPS Form

      Special Tests for Muscle Tightness Around the Hip Joint
      Bent Knee Stretch Test
      Back Saver Sit-and-Reach Test
      90-90 Straight Leg Raise Test
      Piriformis Test
      Ober's Test
      Rectus Femoris Contracture Test
      Thomas Test
      Ely's Test

      Basic Assessment of the Knee
      AROM Knee
      Active Range of Motion: Knee Joint
      Passive Range of Motion: Knee Joint
      Resisted Isometric Testing: Knee Joint
      Brush/Stroke/Swipe/Bulge Test
      Patellar Test
      Notes for the Brush & Pattelar Test
      Task 5

      Basic Assessment of the Lower Leg, Ankle & Foot
      AROM Ankle
      Active Range of Motion: Ankle
      PROM Ankle
      Passive Range of Motion: Ankle
      Resisted Isometric Testing: Ankle
      Task 6

      Introduction to Special Testing & Joint Play
      Introduction to Special Testing & Joint Play
      Sensitivity and Specificity Explained
      Task 7

      Joint Play & Special Testing: Hip
      Handout - Joint Play Hip
      Joint Play: Hip
      Special Testing
      Anterior Labral Tear Test
      Posterior Labral Tear Test
      Trendelenberg Test
      Patrick's/Faber/Figure Four Test
      Sign of the Buttock
      Weber-Barstow Manoeuvre

      Joint Play & Special Testing: Knee
      Joint Play: Knee
      Special Testing
      Apley's Test
      McMurray Test
      Thessaly Test
      Pivot Shift Test
      Lachman Test
      Anterior Drawer Test
      Posterior Drawer Test
      Valgus Stress Test
      Varus Stress Test
      Task 8

      Joint Play & Special Testing: Ankle
      Handout - Joint Play Ankle
      Joint Play: Ankle
      Anterior Drawer Test
      Talar Tilt
      Tinel's Sign
      Thompson Test

      Basic Testing of the Shoulder
      Active Range of Motion: Shoulder
      Passive Range of Motion: Shoulder
      Resisted Isometric Testing: Shoulder
      Apley Scratch Test
      Handout - Apley Scracth Test
      task 9

      Special Testing & Joint Play: Shoulder
      Handout - Shoulder Impingement Explained
      Shoulder Impingement Explained
      Joint Play: Shoulder
      Lift Off Sign
      Lateral Rotation Lag Sign
      Latissimus Dorsi Strength Test
      Serratus Anterior Strength Test
      Rhomboid Strength Test
      Bicep Tightness Assessment
      Tricep Tightness Assessment
      Pectoralis Tightness Test

      Basic Testing of the Elbow
      Active Range of Motion: Elbow
      Passive Range of Motion: Elbow
      Resisted Isometric Testing: Elbow
      Task 10

      Joint Play & Special Testing: Elbow
      Handout - Joint Play Elbow
      Joint Play: Elbow
      Mill's Test
      Lateral Epicondylitis Test
      Medial Epicondylitis Test
      Valgus Instability Stress Test
      Varus Instability Stress Test

      Basic Testing of the Forearm, Wrist & Hand
      Active Range of Motion: Wrist & Hand
      Passive Range of Motion: Wrist & Hand
      Resisted Isometric Testing: Wrist & Hand
      Task 11

      Joint Play & Special Testing: Forearm, Wrist & Hand
      Joint Play & Special Testing: Forearm, Wrist & Hand
      Joint Play: Wrist
      Joint Play: Wrist & Hand
      Phalen Test
      Tinel Sign
      Finkelstein Test
      Allen Test
      Digital Blood Flow Test

      Part 1
      Part 2