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“Learn the secrets of growing your business through social media”.

Pink Tree has advised many businesses in the gaming industry on their Internet strategies along with Law Firms, Real Estate, Shops and may others.
Our combined knowledge and expertise has enabled us to create this master class for your business, where we will explain how you really can use social media for business and explode the myths and mysteries behind the fast growing phenomenon on the internet.
We will also explain how forward thinking companies are using social media to grow their business and reach new customers as well as showing you how and why to use social networks to engage with your customers, build your brand and increase sales.
This master class provides a practical advice on why and where to use blogs and social networking to make the biggest impact for your business.

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Social Media Training Course in London
Pink Tree Media
  • Training
  • London
  • 1 Day

..."hands on". We believe that this is the most cost effective way to drive your Social Media strategy. So call us today for an informal chat, you'll be surprised... Learn about: Web 2.0, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization... More

£ 175
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In-house Social Media Training course in London
Pink Tree Media
  • Short course
  • London
  • 1 Day

...· Your current online presence (based on research before we meet) · Consistency of approach · Personal and bespoke attention at all times - if we come to you... Learn about: Social Networking, Web 2.0, Email Marketing... More

£ 200
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Social Media Master Class - Inhouse course
Pink Tree Media
  • Training
  • Inhouse
  • 1 Day

...use Facebook to aid my business? Developing a homepage Setting up a group vs. setting up a page Facebook apps to share content Monitoring your Social Media... Learn about: Social Networking, Internet Marketing, Web 2.0... More

£ 150
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Teachers and trainers (1)

Greg  Mckenzie
Greg Mckenzie
Social Media Trainer


Through working with various agencies and private companies Greg has now devised a new approach to Social Media marketing and strategy and is enjoying teaching people, organisations and corporations the joys of social media networking. He is never far from his laptop or mobile phone and embraces technology in whatever form bumps into him along the way!

Advantages of studying here

Pink Tree offers Social Media Training to a variety of business owners and types as well as marketing professionals and PR professionals. Our courses are designed for both Social Media starters AND those who have some Social Media set-up but who are looking for some more defined Social Media strategy and tactics to grow followers and streamline their social media marketing activities.

We can do this because every course is built around your business type, so before we even arrive we know who you are and what you do and deliver course content with your business and potential social media strategy as the examples!

We provide Twitter and SEO training, fully bespoke Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Blogging training and beginner’s courses throughout the year at truly affordable rates.

The courses are fun, pro-active, interesting and also offer many attendees a chance to network with other colleagues while they learn about social media and how it can benefit their business.

Classes are from 1 to 10 people maximum so the groups are small enough to benefit.

The courses are also suitable to those looking to expand their technical knowledge of applications or who want to learn how to harness the more technical opportunities offered within social media applications and those that might want to brush up on their skills for their CV.

Our Main Social Media Course Content Includes

An overview of social media / what works and why.
Basics of social media / what you can do and how you can do it.
Principles of social media marketing
Social media applications / what applications are relevant to YOUR business and why.
Social media monitoring / how to seek out opportunities and generate ROI analysis for applications.
Social media tactics & strategies / what you can do to grow your followers and spread your brand word.
Blogging / why it’s important and what you need to know.

Our courses are highly practical and beneficial to anyone who wants to learn how to harness social media and on each course you can expect to bring your business and your key aims with you, but leave with a social media strategy, as well as the skills needed to put it all in place.

Remember, our course is held on your premises, (no costly travel expenses for you or your staff) and is very much “hands on”. We believe that this is the most cost effective way to drive your Social Media strategy.

So call us today for an informal chat, you’ll be surprised how much you could save !

Areas of specialisation

Social Media
Charity Fund Raising

Apart from Social Media we provide a range of fund-raising solutions for charity organisations.

The company has produced a range of online fundraising solutions, using our proven gaming technology enabling us to provide everything needed to set up your new online fundraising service.
The service is Free of any set up charges or up front fees and we uniquely provide all of the required technology, technical support, administration and licenses where necessary for your charity to create your own online raffles, lotteries, sweepstakes, tombola's, football pools, spot the ball and bingo style games, all of which are ideal to raise awareness in your organisation, as the games are easy to understand and simple to play.

Donations are collected either on line through our secure web server via your organisations website, through dedicated "text and win" mobile numbers or via micro payment services (ie PayPal).

Free Service
“Looking for fresh ways to engage your audience while capturing additional revenue, our fundraising services are Free to install, so start collecting donations for your organisation strait away”
Generate Income 24/7
“Raise money 365 days a year towards an appeal target or specific purchase for your organisation and charity”
Full Support Provided
“We provide all of the help and technology you need to set up and operate your very own fundraising services.”
The Next Step
We are uniquely able to offer this promotion as we can provide all the technology
insurances, support and necessary licences to operate the service. Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how simple it is for your organisation to start their own fundraising services today and reap the rewards ...