Playwork Level 4


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Course programme


The NVQ Playwork Level 4 qualification is suitable for those either in a management role, a senior practitioner role or in a quality and development role within the play sector, such as, after school club managers, playgroup managers and youth groups(where the focus is on self-directed play).

Qualification overview

The NVQ is a skills benchmark. Achieving Level 4 is an assurance to current and future employers that your skills are up-to-date and at the necessary level. Gaining the award can lead to career advancement, wage increase with recognition and official accreditation of skills and a chance to meet and network with inspectors or development workers. The qualification is structured to allow the candidate to work at their own pace, with their own assessor during working hours.


3 to 18 months, dependent on the individual candidates competencies.


Core units

* Work with colleagues and other partners to develop organisational framework for play
* Develop, manage and review operational plans for play provision
* Establish & develop working relationships
* Reflect on and develop practice

Optional units

* Obtain additional finance for the organisation
* Manage finance for your area of responsibility
* Recruit, select and keep colleagues
* Provide leadership in your area of responsibility
* Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
* Provide information to support decision making
* Manage and develop play facilities and services
* Work with other organisations, agencies and professionals
* Obtain facilities and services required for playwork provision
* Research, design and facilitate possibilities for self-directed play
* Support others in assessing the resources they need to provide play environments

Awarding body

The awarding body for this qualification is Edexcel.

Playwork Level 4

£ 1,130 + VAT