PLC Programming And Maintenance Course

In Blackburn

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The delegate will be able to recognise PLC Inputs and Outputs and identify their types and their interfacing needs and capabilities. The delegate will be able to recognise and describe the operation of a wide range of PLC programming Instructions and download these to the PLC using PLC software, monitor the program online and evaluate the program using simulator switches. The delegate can write and prove programs to control basic industrial systems The delegate can upload and download programs to the PLC and obtain a printout.
Suitable for: This course is suitable for electricians wishing to "get into" PLCs. It is also suitable for Mechanical Engineers and Line Engineers needing to interrogate PLC systems on automated machinery. This is a short course which is also good for apprentices to supplement ongoing training. The course can use either Mitsubishi,Allen Bradley or Siemens PLCs.




Blackburn (Lancashire)
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This course requires no previous knowledge of PLCs but the delegate should have at least a basic understanding of relay control circuits.

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Peter  Wright

Peter Wright


Course programme

This course assumes no previous knowledge of PLC systems. It is task based with a great deal of practical work including wiring the PLC to electropneumatics and building a conveyor system using typical industrial devices.
The course is run using either Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley or Siemens S7 PLCs and carried out at Blackburn BTMC.
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£ 495 VAT inc.