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Blantyre (South Lanarkshire)
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Unit 37, Block 5, Third Road, Blantyre Industrial Estate, G72 0UP


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Training & Assessment – Plumbing

The modern way of life has significantly changed the way heating and hot water systems are used. The domestic demand for water has increased greatly with washing machines and dish-washers now in common and regular use. With industrial demand also on the increase, suppliers are finding it difficult to maintain a high water pressure in many areas.

While people understand why this has occurred they are not content with the situation. They are more aware of their personal hygiene and bath and shower more often than the previous generations. It is now normal to holiday abroad and the pressure quality produced by showers in the USA and Europe is well known. People now expect the same quality in the UK as they experience in the countries they visited

This has resulted in the introduction of domestic unvented hot water systems in the UK, around 50 years after they were introduced in the USA, Australia and throughout Europe. The unvented systems are becoming more and more popular so there is a need for those employed in the plumbing industry to learn and understand the workings of this type of system.


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