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Our Plumbing Training Course, part of our home study courses range, is packed with comprehensive and detailed instruction on all required aspects of plumbing.

Covering just about every scenario that a practicing plumber is likely to encounter, with clear instruction and illustrations throughout, our Home Study Plumbing Course is an affordable and convenient method of learning that could guide you towards a new career.




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Course programme

Split into 3 levels for easy learning, our plumbing course contains comprehensive plumbing instruction, broken down into individual modules helping the student to progress through the course in a structured manner.

All aspects of plumbing are included, such as:

Level 1 - 18 Introductory Plumbing Modules:

  • Introduction to plumbing Course
  • Introduction to Safety
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Identifying Plumbing Materials
  • Maintaining Plumbing Tools (Identify purpose & use of)
  • Preparing a Plumbing Take Off List (Interpret plumbing plans)
  • Installing a Cast Iron sewer Line
  • Installing a Waste System
  • Installing a Water Supply System
  • Installing a Lavatory
  • Installing a Water Closet with Tank
  • Installing Urinals
  • Installing an Exposed Pipe Shower System
  • Installing a Drinking Fountain
  • Winterising a Water Supply System
  • Maintaining an Internal Water Distribution System
  • Clear Water System Stoppages
  • Preventing Backflows

Level 2 - 12 ‘How To' Plumbing Course Modules:

  • Basic plumbing
  • Change taps
  • Mark & measure
  • Plumbing care and repair
  • Add a radiator
  • Fit a gutter
  • Fit a shower and cubicle
  • Fit a toilet and bidet
  • Fit an electric shower
  • Fit a bath and wash basin
  • Install a hot water tank
  • Install a washing machine and dishwasher

The 12 ‘How To' plumbing modules provide you with a visual ‘Skill Level' for each of the described tasks and provide clear diagrams and instruction throughout.

This comprehensive manual is an essential reference for all Plumbers, covering the following topics:

  • Plumbing Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Basic Plumbing Repairs and maintenance
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Water Heaters
  • Pipes and Fittings
  • Valves and Faucets
  • Stacks and Branches
  • Traps and Vents
  • Steam, Gas and Air Piping
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Insulation
  • Metric Conversion Chart
  • Construction Plans and Drawings
  • BOM
  • Pipe Sizes for Water Distribution System Design
  • Distribution Systems Design Procedures

Moving on to Level 3 of the plumbing course with clear diagrams and example calculations, Level 3 of the plumbing training course provides the trainee, or experienced Plumber with all the reference material and guidance to help them through even the most complex of Plumbing jobs.

A total of 812 pages, split into 13 thorough and detailed, but easy to follow modules.

Level 3 - Professional Development Level - 13 Complete and Detailed Units:

  • Prepare a Plumbing Take off List (118 pages)
  • Water Supply Plumbing (78 pages)
  • Waste Systems (101 pages)
  • Plumbing Fixtures (95 pages)
  • Repair Valves and Fixture Control Devices (56 pages)
  • Clear Waste System Stoppages (31 pages)
  • Refrigeration Systems (28 pages)
  • Electric Power Systems (41 pages)
  • Water Supply and Distribution Systems (27 pages)
  • Plumbing Installations and Bills of Materials(48 pages)
  • Sewerage Systems (45 pages)
  • Rehabilitation of Utilities (17 pages)
  • Utilities 2 (127 pages)


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