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Typology Short course
Location At 2 venues
Duration 1 Day

What already works about you as a presenter? Exploring how presentation works. How face to face communication works. Understanding what happens in front of an audience. Practising a whole range of techniques. Hints and tips for effective presentation. Stretching your capacity to present. Presenting with flair and presence. Using support materials. Enlivening your presentation. Maintaining confidence and handling nerves. Coping better when feeling wrong-footed.
Suitable for: Anyone who has to make presentations


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
Suite 121 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, N1 0QH, London, England
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On request
Suite 121 Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street, N1 0QH, London, England
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Starts On request
Suite 121 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, N1 0QH, London, England
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Starts On request
Suite 121 Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street, N1 0QH, London, England
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

Prepare a three to five minute presentation on a subject of your own choosing. Bring along any specific situations (and perhaps some related material) in which you find presentation particularly difficult.


david janes
What I would highlight This was a very full on day with personal attention (only five people).

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Peter Attard
What I would highlight This course surpassed all my expectations. I came away really wanting to make a presentation I had been dreading for weeks. Brilliant instructors, loverly central location, good food. Really hard to fault. Would recommend it to anybody.

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Teachers and trainers (5)

Anthony Etherton
Anthony Etherton
Senior Partner

A former journalist, a few years in the catering business (not another foodie?!), an actor and creator of his own Role Play company. Anthony runs many of our Presentation Skills programmes, and specialises in big juicy Corporate Events, creating a bit of havoc in order to arrive at a professional outcome. Anthony is our Forum Theatre expert (including training with Augusto Boal) and has staged intimate as well as massive programmes using this highly effective and unusual training method.

Bronia Szczygiel
Bronia Szczygiel
Senior Partner

Bronia is a mathematician, an engineer, a research scientist, a Scout leader, a Ceilidh caller. She also happens to be an energetic, passionate and impeccable workshop creator and leader and uses her business background in combination with her spontaneity to great effect in all her programmes. From Leadership Development to Line Management to Project Management, Bronia runs her trainings with style, humour and insight. Bronia has also created our new Writing Winning Tenders Open Course.

Graham Bennett
Graham Bennett
Senior Partner

An actor, director and improviser, Graham is at his best working with groups of people where he can toss away the manual in order to create knock-out programmes that are just what the delegates want and need, where they have a cracking good time and go away ready to put it all into practise. For a while, Graham worked for the Globe Theatre in their Education Department – giving presentations and workshops to all ages. He has directed Shakespeare in Sweden and Bulgaria, and even created his own company, Daylight Players.

Jeremy Todd
Jeremy Todd

West End actor, corporate entertainer, audience warmer-upper, Jeremy brings a welcoming and engaging presence to his work with Impact Factory. He's often put in charge of 'energising' the training room, making sure that our workshops stay lively and active. Jeremy's multi-faceted skills are put to excellent use in our Presentation Skills, Personal Impact and Communication Skills Courses as well as our extensive Customer Service work.

Katherine Grice
Katherine Grice

From the Royal Shakespeare Company to the British Embassy in Hong Kong to Pentonville Prison, actor Katherine has performed and taught her way around the globe (no, not the theatre). She's run her own theatre company and created workshops for actors, and now brings her liveliness, delightful personality and professional insight into the work she does with us. Katherine's skills are particularly relevant for our Presentation Skills Courses, Personal Impact and Influencing Training.

Course programme

Presentation Skills

The course offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves, get your message across memorably, structure your material for the best impact and present effectively to audiences of varied sizes.

It is fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to practise.

Course Objectives:

* What already works about you as a presenter?
* Exploring how presentation works
* How face to face communication works
* Understanding what happens in front of an audience
* Practising a whole range of techniques
* Hints and tips for effective presentation
* Stretching your capacity to present
* Presenting with flair and presence
* Using support materials
* Enlivening your presentation
* Maintaining confidence and handling nerves
* Coping better when feeling wrong-footed

Course Programme


During the opening session we combine a look at the fundamentals of presenting, with an assessment of each person's presenting experience and skill and what they would now like to achieve.

Much like our tailored presentation training, the course is structured to reflect the needs and abilities of those attending on that day

The Presentation Skills Challenge

We start with a good look at the dynamic in which people have to present.

This section gives an in-depth understanding of the arenas in which presenting takes place: the physical space, body language, audience interaction, etc.

It is based on the mnemonic IMPACT as an easy to remember guide to the main points of presenting.

"The use of the Individual's best skills to convey a clear Message, well Prepared, with good Audience interaction, presented with Conviction and supported by the right Technical backup"

First Presentation

This takes the form of a short unprepared presentation to camera.

There is then discussion about the experience of presenting, what actually happens to people physically, mentally and emotionally.

The presentations will then be played back followed by feedback from the trainer and their own colleagues.

Here the course concentrates on the strengths and style of the presenter. Any real difficulties in style may be noted here by the trainer, but dealt with later in the presentation skills course. We record much of the rest of the day's work; however, this is the only time during the day that we will review the recording.

Presentation Skills Exercises

This set of presentation exercises may well vary on the day, but are used to reinforce some of the principals of effective presentation.

Making a presentation in under 30 seconds
Putting across a clear message
Using passion to present
Structuring your presentation support material

Prepared Presentations

The second part of the presentation skills course is work on prepared presentations.

This is not intended to rehearse the presentations; rather the presentation material is used to stretch the participants and to incorporate the principles worked on earlier in the day.

The emphasis is on preparing the participants to develop as presenters over the next few months as they make further presentations.

The session is modified according to the level of the attendees.

With new or less experienced Presenters the course works to stretch their capacity and to demonstrate the active working of a presenting dynamic. They are introduced to easy skills and techniques to help raise their confidence and ease the anxiety associated with presenting.

With established presenters the course works more to reinforce some basic principles and introduce more advanced presentation skills as appropriate. Care is taken to acknowledge their skills and style. Then we move on to specific areas of difficulty where they seem to get wrong footed and don't do so well.

Issues that are incorporated into this session:

Raising confidence
Clear delivery
Ability to go "off script"
How to make non-linear presentations
How to prompt or plant questions
How to talk to differing levels of understanding or experience
Communicating concepts quickly
Using analogies and drawing on memorable images
Structuring your presentation entrance and beginning
Dealing with difficult or tricky questions
Working presentations round a table
The relationship between presenter, material and audience
Difficult presentation issues and people
Developing as a communicator rather than a presenter
Creating an interactive, question friendly atmosphere

Concluding Remarks

To include brief mention of anything that has not arisen during the presentations and individual recommendations for further practise.

Participants are given a DVD of their course work from the course and supporting documents to help further their progress.

Additional information

Payment options: Invoice Credit Card
Students per class: 6
Contact person: Michael Miller

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