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Chichester (West Sussex)
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Hangar 3, Goodwood Aerodrome, PO18 0PH


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Course programme

The course is a minimum of 45 hours flight training, is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and carried out by Elite Helicopters experienced flying instructors. Except in exceptional cases, training for issue of the initial licence must be carried out on an aircraft that has no more than four seats. When selecting the type of training aircraft, several things other than cost should be considered, not least of which is weight and balance limits, comfort, and what the nature of the pilot’s expected flying will be (hour building, carrying family/friends, just carrying one other person, availability of aircraft for self fly hire, purchasing an aircraft etc).

Whilst a student pilot can start logging training flights from the age of 14, they must be at least 16 years old before they can fly solo, and be at east 17 years old to hold a PPL(H) licence.

The 45 hours flight time for Private Pilots Licence (Helicopters) course consists of at least:

- 25 Hours dual instruction

Including 5 hours instrument appreciation

- 10 Hours Solo, of which

5 Hours must be cross country flights, to include a 100 nm cross country with 2 landings at different airfields on the route.

You will be required to pass a Class 2 Medical prior to your first solo flight. The Medical must be carried out by a CAA Approved Medical Examiner and Elite can assist in finding one at an address convenient to you. Medical validity depends on age.

Additional information

Payment options: Training is charged on a per flight hour basis, with additional charges for landing fees, ground exams, Skills Test. Discount packages are available for pre-payment - please ask for details.

Private Pilot's Licence

£ 10 VAT inc.