QCF Level 3 Recycling Operations Qualifications


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Employees will gain understanding of health and safety, working with others and maintaining standards of service.
Suitable for: All supervisors and managers working within the public, private and community recycling sector.

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Course programme


QSP offers this NVQ Award which is assessed to a national standard. Supervisors and Managers will be able to demonstrate their leadership and management skills through a selection of units set within the constructed award. The selection of units allows the individual to tailor the award around their work.

Method of Delivery

Practical assessment of candidates' on-site competence conducted by a qualified and experienced Awarding Body approved Assessor.

Candidates will be assessed for their understanding of health and safety responsibility, as well as their supervisory skills in recycling operations.


* Employees working towards the qualification will not have to leave their workplace, as all the assessment and the necessary training is carried out whilst the employee carries out day to day tasks.
* Employees will gain understanding of health and safety, working with others and maintaining standards of service.
* The employee will be able to select optional units best suited to their job role.

WAMITAB Level 3 NVQ in the Management of Recycling Operations

(6 from 6)
RM1 - Conduct an assessment of risks in the workplace
RM3 - Contribute to maintaining sustainable development and environmental good practice at work
RM12 - Allocate and check work in your team
RM13 - Provide leadership for your team
RM15 - Maintain and develop personal performance
RM18 - Ensure health and safety requirements are met in your area of responsibility
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Section A

RM5 - Use resources efficiently for the processing or storage of recyclable materials
RM6 - Maintain effective response to emergencies
RM7 - Contribute to the generation and retention of recycling business
RM8 - Maintain transport operations for recycling services
RM9 - Monitor and maintain the security of facilities used for the processing/storage of recyclable materials
RM22 - Control working operations for the collection and transport of recyclable materials
RM26 - Control maintenance and other engineering operations
RM34 - Control operations for the processing or storage of recyclable materials
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Section B

RM11 - Recruit, select and keep colleagues
RM14 - Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
RM16 - Organise the promotion of services or products to customers
RM17 - Build and maintain effective customer relations

Notes - Level 3 Management of Recycling Operations: To achieve the full qualification candidates must complete 9 units - all mandatory units (6); at least two units from Section A (2) and at least one unit from Section B (1).

QCF Level 3 Recycling Operations Qualifications

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