Real Estate Developer (Financial Modelling in Excel)

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Value added and opportunistic property investments are complicated both in their initial scope and in their cash flow projections. Development projects need greater analytical skills and flexibility and an ability to work with project partners at the same time. This course that Emagister offers in its catalog will show participants how to evaluate projects in Excel, integrate and communicate updates as they occur and, ultimately, understand how to transform an investment of opportunistic property into a central asset in which you can sell .

The residual models (benefit and site) are manifested first to illustrate the essential components of any scheme and traditional methods of evaluation, such as benefit / cost ratio, rental yield and interest coverage. Afterwards, development cash flows are constructed in detail taking into account, in particular, staggered revenues, as well as fixed, variable and incidental construction costs and their influence on net cash flow. Additional performance metrics are calculated, including targeted IRR and capital performance.

Financing for development can be more complex than simple senior debt investment financing. This is because finance is usually required in stages. The method demonstrated in the course is the simplest way to deal with the programmed functions of debt reduction and accumulated interest.

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56 Commercial Road Aldgate E1 1LP London United Kingdom, E1 1LP


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Timetable: Monday and Tuesday from 10 am to 5 pm


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To take into account

•Learn how to calculate land and profit residuals •Learn how to structure a full development cash flow, including phased sales, S-curve and straight line cost functions •Learn how to find maximum bidding prices for site development and building refurbishments •Understanding development financing considerations and learn how to optimise financing •Analyse financial and project completion risk •Employ best practice and find solutions to common modelling problems

•Developers •Surveyors •Real Estate professionals at any level with exposure to real estate financial models on a frequent basis •Fund managers •Asset managers •Land managers •Planning managers •Lenders

Pre-requisite: Real Estate Analyst.

CPD accreditation

We have been teaching people how to build financial models in Excel for 16 years. We teach people in investment banks, real estate consultancies, property developers, law firms and many more how to build development based models in excel

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  • Real Estate
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk
  • Construction Training
  • Professional fees
  • Logic functions
  • Debt scheduling
  • Return metrics
  • Multiple IRRs
  • Construction fees
  • Logic tables
  • Array formulae
  • Phased Sales
  • Marketing
  • Disposal costs
  • Residual calculations
  • Variable Costs
  • Scenarios
  • Financial Modelling
  • Excel

Teachers and trainers (1)

Bayfield Training

Bayfield Training


Course programme

Course Contents:


Learn how to build a discounted cash flow, analyse returns and understand the components of development models

  • Gross versus Net Yields, calculating Net Development Value (NDV)
  • Profit residual, with and without financing
  • Site residual, how to calculate profit without knowing your costs.
  • Introducing financing to site residual calculations
  • Purchase price and acquisition costs
  • Phased Sales, marketing and disposal costs
  • Modelling construction costs using straight line basis, fixed costs, variable costs, incidental costs and construction fees
  • Professional fees
  • Income and expenditure project functions
  • Logic functions, logic tables and array formulae


Learn how to build a detailed property development project cash flow, add financing and perform risk analysis on commercial development projects
  • Multiple IRRs, competing projects, scoping and linear programming, maximising performance
  • Return metrics: Equity profit ratio (EPR), Costs paid out of proceeds (POP), Profit on cost ratio (PCR)
  • Alternative site calculation, Net present value (NPV),
  • Modelling construction costs using S-curve , variable costs,incidental costs and construction fees
  • Switching between scenarios
  • Introduction to Development financing, Pari Passu versus Equity First Financing
  • Debt scheduling: brought forward and carried forward method
  • Consideration of the impact of development finance interest, fees and covenants

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Real Estate Developer (Financial Modelling in Excel)

£ 1,750 + VAT