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In Bradford

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    Short course

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    1 Day

Level 1. Meditation and attunement. The history of Reiki. The effects, uses and contraindications to Reiki. Ways of using Reiki energy. The Reiki principles. The effects of attunement and cleansing period. Self practice. Working on others. Keeping your energy' clear. for level 2-3 please call for details.
Suitable for: beginners



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Bradford (West Yorkshire)
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27 Ashwood Street, BD4 9RP

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On request

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Entry Requirements – No previous experience is necessary

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Course programme

This is an ancient healing therapy which is believed to have originated in Tibet later surfacing in Japan and 'rediscovered' by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. The word Reiki comes from 2 Japanese words 'Rei' (universal) and 'Ki' (energy), Reiki is a simple but powerful 'laying on hands' technique. Training in Reiki is at 3 different levels. You progress from one degree to the next according to your rate of personal experience and inner growth. Since its introduction into the western world in the mid 1970s its use has spread worldwide and now millions of people use Reiki to help themselves and others stimulate the natural healing processes.


£ 150 VAT exempt