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Important information

Typology Course
Level Intermediate
Location City of london
Duration 4 Weeks
Start Different dates available
  • Course
  • Intermediate
  • City of london
  • Duration:
    4 Weeks
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Take your knowledge about Revit Architecture to the next level with this Revit Architecture Course, organized by Training Square, that Emagister.co.uk has added to its educational catalogue.

AutoDesk Revit Architecture design software is what every single Architect is very curious to learn. With Autodesk Revit Architecture you can develop higher quality and accurate architectural designs in few minutes. The tools in Revit Architecture support Building Information Modelling (BIM). Using Revit Architecture you can Create a Design, Analyze, Collaborate, create documentation and Visualize it.

Using Revit Architecture a building is made using preloaded 3D objects to create Floors, Walls, Structure, Roof, Windows, Door, Electric Systems and other customized objects as needed. Transforming them visually into 3D are just a click away making Architect’s jobs efficient, easier and less time consuming using Revit Architecture tools. Revit drawings are fully coordinated in terms of the building objects. Such a powerful tools will allow users to manipulate whole building in the project or even a single individual 3D object in geometrical models. Excellent advantage of using Revit is its rendering engine which makes more realistic image and visualize it.

Don't miss this chance and enroll in this course now. Contact Training Square through Emagister.co.uk. You will receive all the information needed to take a step further in your career!

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Where and when
Starts Location
Different dates available
City Of London
Central London, EC2M 2SJ, London, England
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Starts Different dates available
City Of London
Central London, EC2M 2SJ, London, England
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To take into account

· Who is it intended for?


· Requirements

Computer Illiterate.

· Qualification

Diploma/Corporate Training/Hands-On Practical Training/Exam Preparation.

· What marks this course apart?

Expert, Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers. State of the Art Facilities. Maximum 5-6 Delegates Per Class. Quality that matters. 100% Practical Hands-on Training, Classroom Based and Instructor Led. Flexible Starting Dates: Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings Location: Central London

· What happens after requesting information?

Our Course Advicer will contact him/her and explain further about the Course.

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Reviews on this course

Ken Ton Smith
5.0 24/04/2019
About the course: To cut the long story short, I would stake my life on this company. They come foward in the time and showed gratitude when people hardly look around for any stranger. I booked a course with them and some days before joining I figured out the I am suffering from Blood Cancer and that too on the IV stage. I was devastated and I wanted to save money as much as possible. This company not only supported me and refunded my money and moreover they stayed in touch to check how I was doing. They also offered me to join back any time I want and at any venue. They gave me a sense of support to fight back and join the life again. This is what I call a genunine gesture and I can't recommend them enough. Thanks for everything, I really means a lot.
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4.0 24/04/2019
About the course: I have had the time of my life there. The course was fantastic and the training went really well. The trainer went smoothly throughout the process. The staff and the whole team including trainers were so friendly, polite and supportive. I had the time of my life there
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Malcolm Davies
4.0 21/04/2019
About the course: I have had got the best trainer I coud ever thought of it. My course Autocad 2D and 3D CAD was amazig. Training Square has been excellent and the services they offer are beyond great. Frank was really a great help to me. I would highly recommend them to the people
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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5.0 13/01/2018
What I would highlight: Trainer is very helpful, Good communicator.
What could be improved: .
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Ros sql
4.5 06/05/2017
What I would highlight: Informative and fantastic course ever! Learned a lot, the instructors were very experienced and educated. I am happy.
What could be improved: .
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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What you'll learn on the course

3d training
Quality Training

Teachers and trainers (1)

Teaching Staff
Teaching Staff

Course programme

Autodesk Revit Architecture

Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • Autodesk Revit Architecture Interface
  • Interface, Properties Palette, Project Browser
  • Status Bar, View Control Bar
  • ViewCube, Options Bar
  • Interface Workflow, Simple Layout
  • Filter, Mirror, and Trim/Extend
  • Adjusting Datums, Changing Element Types
  • Modifying Tools, Using Dimensions for Modifying Designs
  • Aligning Elements, Rotating, Grouping, and Arraying
  • Copying and Group Editing
Walls and Cur tain Walls
  • Understanding Wall Types and Parameters
  • Basic, Stacked, Curtain Walls
  • Wall Configurations, Sketching Walls, Picking Walls
  • Hosting Elements in Walls
  • Instance Parameters, Editing Profiles
  • Attaching and Detaching the Top and Base
  • Modifying Curtain Walls
  • Editing the Elevation Profile
  • Adding and Modifying Grids and Mullions
  • Unpinning and Toggling Mullions
Floors, Roofs, and Ceilings
  • Creating Floors, Sketching, Boundary
  • Creating Sloped Arrows and Floors
  • Creating Sloped Floors via Shape Editing
  • Creating Openings by Sketching
  • Creating Openings with Shafts
  • Picking Walls, Laying Out Roofs
  • Creating Extruded Roofs
  • Adding Ceilings, Creating Automatic Ceilings
  • Sketching Ceilings
  • Adding Lights and Rotating the Grid
  • Changing the Ceiling
Stairs, Ramps, and Railings
  • Creating Stair Configurations, Generic Railing
  • Creating Design Stair, a Straight-Run Stair with Landing
  • Setting the Host Function for Railings
  • Designing Ramps, Creating a Straight-Run Ramp
  • Editing Boundary Conditions
  • Building Railings for Level and Sloped Conditions
  • Using the Set Host Function, Editing the Top Rail
Adding Families
  • Assigning Families to Categories
  • Working with System Families and Component Families
  • Using Hosted Families, Using Face-Based Families
Modifying Families
  • Editing View Display and Detail Level
  • View Scale and Detail Level
  • Editing the Family Category
  • Editing the Insertion Point
  • Modifying Family Geometry
  • Editing Profiles, Title Blocks
Schematic Design
  • Working from a Sketch
  • Importing Background Images
  • Accurately Scaling Images
  • Using Reference Planes and Levels
  • Creating and Placing Groups
  • Modeling In-Place Masses Base Mass, Middle Mass, Upper Mass
  • Working in 3D, Creating Mass Floors
Rooms and Color-Fill Plans
  • Defining Rooms in Spaces
  • Room Tags, Room Boundaries
  • Room Separation Lines, Deleting Rooms
  • Generating Color-Fill Room Plans
  • Color Legend, Modifying Color Schemes
Materials, Rendering, and Visualization
  • Using Materials
  • Editing Material Properties of Walls
  • Using Graphic Display Options
  • Presentation Elevation Drawing
  • Presentation 3D Isometric Drawing
  • 3D Exploded View, Rendering Graphics
  • Enabling Worksharing
  • Preparing the Central File
  • Creating Central and Local Files
  • Worksets, Assigning Elements to Worksets
  • Saving to the Central File, Creating New Elements
  • Opening and Closing Worksets, Worksharing Display Modes
  • Editing Requests, Worksharing
Details and Annotations
  • Creating Details, Detail Line
  • Region, Component
  • Creating a Detail, Insulation, Detail Groups
  • Linework, Annotating Your Details
  • Dimensions, Tags, Text
Creating Drawing Sets
  • Creating Schedules, Making Schedules
  • Creating a Window Schedule
  • Creating a Room Schedule
  • Creating a Sheet List, Placing Views on Sheets
  • Adding Floor Plans to the Sheet
  • Adding the Schedules; Printing Documents
  • Exploring the Print Dialog Box, Setting, Range
Workflow and Site Modeling
  • Understanding a BIM Workflow
  • Staffing a BIM Project
  • Project Roles Using Revit Architecture
  • Adding Team Members to Fight Fires
  • Modeling a Site
  • Using a Toposurface
  • Creating a Building Pad
  • Performing Quality Control on Your Model
  • Keeping an Eye on File Size
  • Dealing with Warnings

Additional information

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4 Weeks or Fast Track 4 Days

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