RYA Radar

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In Southampton

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    Short course

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    1 Day


The aim of the course is to give an understanding of the use of radar in small boats as an aid to navigation and for collision avoidance.




Southampton (Hampshire)
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Southampton Waterborne Activities Centre Floating Bridge Road, SO14 3FL


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Course programme

The course can be conducted ashore using RYA approved software, or afloat on an authorised vessel. The maximum number of students per course will be four afloat or three per screen when conducted ashore. The instructor will have attended an RYA training course.

1. Basic understanding of radar wave propagation

  • Conditions giving rise to abnormal propagation

2. Radar set components

  • Function and correct use of controls

  • Correct setting up procedure

3. Target definition and discrimination

  • Spot size, pulse length and beam width

  • Target characteristics, size, shape, material

  • False echoes

  • Shadow sectors, shadow diagram

4. Radar reflectors

  • Passive and active

5. Types of radar display

  • Azimuth stabilisation

6. Radar Plotting

  • The use of radar to avoid a close quarter situation

  • Appreciation of IRPCS, action to be taken in reduced visibility

  • General precautions and action to be taken in fog

7. Use of radar as an aid to navigation

  • Radar - conspicuous targets, need for positive identification

  • Parallel indexing (if provided)

8. Accuracy in range and bearing

  • PPI distortion. Non-linearity

  • Heading marker alignment

  • Checking accuracy of VRM, EBL, etc.

9. General safety precautions in using equipment


RYA Radar

£ 95 + VAT