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Security Management - Level 3

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Class hours 140h
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Security management course: This course covers the principles of security management and the operations involved to protect the business and assets. The course covers a wide variety of areas and provides knowledge of the principles of loss and decision making within the security environment. The course provides an overview of the factors that form a modern security management team, and will show the student how to reduce the employer's exposure to liability.
Suitable for: Further education, career progression or personal development

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Course programme

Course review:

Rationale and Processes

Identify the elements of crime showing the two main classes they are divided into
Identify the four individual functions of security management
Define the six additonal tasks of management

Organisations and Planning

Explain why delegation of authority/responsibility can create problems in oganisations and introduce how to maintain an acceptable "balance of power"
Describe the alpha, beta and gamma methods of classification
Discuss the objects of of the statement of policy

Management and Security

Discuss how management by objectives helps overcome problems of managers and professionals
Summarise how information systems are used and what role information technology plays
Define the span of leadership
Describe Likerts four possible systems of management based on behaviuoral theories

Security Personnel

Explain how a personnel policy can be developed within the security organisation showing development of a framework
Explain the steps that occur from recruitment to training
Introduce four types of interview which the personnel department can utilise


Discuss budget control requirements that must be met and impeding factors
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of budgets

Decision Making

Analyse the development of alternative solutions and factors assisting in the final solution

Security Threats

Define the different types of crime and unethical practises
Describe the five possible explanations for security losses which could result from a burglary
Analyse how different causes of waste are classified


Explain the three seperate but inter dependant sub systems of care
Assess the characteristics and operation of the Delphi technique

Background to Crime

Define the following types of crime: White collar and Political crime
Analys the effects of three drugs that cause hallucinations and delusions

Burglaries and Theft

Identify the points that should be considered when hiring casual labour
Define the rules to be followed when dealing with a total stranger
Introduce the procedures necessary when leaving children alone at home


Explain your understanding of: Transport hijacker and Operational hijacking
Discuss the five main options open to a hijacker
Describe steps that can be taken to ensure safety when leaving home
Examine precautions you can adopt when breaking down in an urban area

Domestic Violence

Assess ways in which physical and sexual violence can be inflicted on women and how it is displayed
Explain the effects of domestic violence and the psychological effects on women " The battered syndrome" has
Identify characteristics of battered women and the battering men

Child Abuse

Investigate the different types of child abuse and the effects of emotional and physical abuse
Discuss the long term effects of sexual abuse


Examine hostility in a rapiost and give factors that bring this out in his character
Assess the four tactics women can use when trying to escape from a rapist and offer tactics useful during a rape assault
Describe symptoms women exposed to sexual harrassment in the workplace may suffer from

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