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Self Hypnosis for Personal Development

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Performing Self Hypnosis allows you to enter a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind, in which you can alter negative patterns of thinking and create positive changes in your behaviour. In this course, you will learn how to use this powerful tool to help overcome problems in your life, in the comfort of your own home, without regular visits to a therapist!The instructor, Daniel Jones, is an expert in hypnosis. Not only is he an Amazon Bestselling Author, but his self-hypnosis audio files have over 500,000 downloads, and his YouTube videos over 1.5 million views. Daniel uses his extensive knowledge to help you on your discovery of self-hypnosis.You will learn core self hypnosis tools to enter the beneficial trance state - from Ideo-motor Responses to the famous Memory Palace technique. Daniel will guide you through 8 structured inductions such as Body Scan and Secret Garden, and even provides audio tracks for practice! You will also learn how to develop your own personalised inductions, and find out how to teach clients self-hypnosis. With these new skills, you will be able to master your bad habits and negative patterns, to undergo great personal development!

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· What are the objectives of this course?

32 lectures, including 4 hours of video and audio content
Learn how to do self hypnosis so that you can create change within yourself!
Discover a whole range of techniques to self-induce hypnosis.
Learn new ways to relax and process your thoughts with step-by-step inductions.
Learn how to script and create your own audio tracks to fully personalise your self-inductions.
Enhance your business by discovering how to teach your new found skills to your clients. 

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What you'll learn on the course


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Self Hypnosis for Personal Development - Course Notes

Getting Started with Self-Hypnosis
What is Self Hypnosis?
What Can Self Hypnosis be Used For?
Relax, Things Will Happen When The Time is Right
Making Your Own Self Hypnosis Audio Tracks

The Importance of Learning & Teaching Self Hypnosis
Why Therapists Should Learn Self Hypnosis
Learn to be in Control of Your Own Mind
Teaching Clients Self Hypnosis
Activity - The Importance of Self-Hypnosis

Therapeutic Techniques To Use With Self Hypnosis
Anchoring & Sub-modalities
Ideo-motor Responses
Blackboard Technique
Log Cabin Technique
Memory Palace Technique
Multi-verse Technique
Activity - Therapeutic Techniques

Inductions – Body Scan & Three Things
Introduction to Structured Inductions
Introduction to Body Scan/Progressive Relaxation Induction
Body Scan/Progressive Relaxation Induction
Mp3 Version of the Body Scan/Progressive Relaxation Induction
Introduction to Three Things Induction
Three Things Induction
Mp3 Version of the Three Things Induction

Inductions – Eyes Open Eyes Closed & Staircase
Introduction to Eyes Open Eyes Closed Induction
Eyes Open Eyes Closed Induction
Mp3 Version of the Eyes Open Eyes Closed Induction
Introduction to the Staircase Induction
Staircase Induction
Mp3 Version of the Staircase Induction

Inductions – Tension and Relaxation & Secret Garden
Introduction to the Tension and Relaxation Induction
Tension and Relaxation Induction
Mp3 Version of the Tension and Relaxation Induction
Introduction to the Secret Garden Induction
Secret Garden Induction
Mp3 Version of the Secret Garden Induction

Self Hypnosis Inductions – Four Seasons & Mirror
Introduction to the Four Seasons Induction
Four Seasons Induction
Mp3 Version of the Four Seasons Induction
Mirror Induction

Beyond Structured Inductions
Developing Your Own Inductions
Re-inducing Hypnosis
Activity - Inductions


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