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My first steps into a yoga life began not with Sivananda but other forms of yoga - I'd leave the class feeling as if I hadn't really experienced 'Yoga.' As a dancer I was used to working my body extremely hard - and competition, and ego played a massive part in my daily pursuit of perfection (physically that is.)

It wasn't until I came to practice the Sivananda way that I fully understood the meaning of yoga. It wasn't just a physical set of exercises but a 'whole' way of life - body, mind, breath and spirit - and mostly I needed not to be pushed physically that was not the reason I did yoga, it was to find peace , my mind at the time was a 'mess' - I needed to take control and feel empowered.

The Sivananda form teaches breath control and is the key to the class - Movement and breath synchronised, no movement without a breath. It is a slow moving form although at times very powerful. There are rest periods when the body goes into relaxation eyes closed to regenerate and establish deep yogic rhythmic breathing in to the abdomen.

It is based around twelve classical postures. It is of the classical style known as Hatha Yoga, the oldest and most respected form studied world wide. I love the way this yoga has in no way taken the ego of one person but is the study of wise sages many thousands of years ago.

Sivananda himself was an educated man whose goal in life after studying to be a doctor was to attain spiritual fulfillment. This has to be one of the best reasons to want to practice yoga. He decided to practice Hatha Yoga and to encourage others to find peace in their own time through the healthy pursuit of five main principles : Proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, a proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.

Five main Principles: Proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, a proper diet and positive thinking and meditation.


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