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This course has been specifically written to meet the requirements of GCSE examinations. The GCSE examination now requires a greater application of knowledge and the course. therefore includes test questions designed to encourage students to engage in their own research and also to apply knowledge at each stage to that which they have gained earlier in the course.
Suitable for: Anyone interested in improving the level of their knowledge of Sociology

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Distance Learning Sociology GCSE - The Course Each lesson of the Sociology GCSE course begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study. Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions, and there is guidance for the preparation of coursework. There are six tutor-marked assignments. No previous knowledge of the subject is assumed or required. Key Topics CoveredThe course covers the entire syllabus in 20 lessons, which deal with the following topics:
  • What is Sociology?

  • The Family

  • Education and Stratification

  • Social Differentiation

  • The Welfare State and Poverty

  • Politics, Work and Unemployment

  • Population and Urbanisation

  • Social Control and Deviation The Syllabus Our Sociology GCSE course prepares students for AQA GCSE Sociology syllabus 3192, for exams in 2008 and later years. Assessment is by one written paper (80%) and coursework (20%). We have chosen this syllabus as the most suited to distance learning. CourseworkDistance Learning students are required to submit a project of 1500 - 2500 words. Full guidance is given in the OOL course.
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    Support: This course can be funded by a single payment of £295 or by a deposit of £59 and 8 monthly instalments of £29-50
    Students per class: 350

    Sociology GCSE

    £ 295 + VAT