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Founded in 1996, Sold Out Trainers specialises in creating tailored training programmes that fit the prevailing cultures and specific requirements of corporate and international companies.The programmes that Sold Out Trainers create are experiential in nature and usually delivered in a workshop format. Its team of professional facilitators and specially trained actors create powerfully unique and relevant training situations that open people's minds to new and valuable ways of thinking.This training not only changes the way in which delegates think, but the way they behave. The company operates globally from its offices in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom and has a customer base of world-leading companies. Sold Out Trainers specialises in creating tailored training programmes that fit the prevailing cultures and specific requirements of the companies with whom we work. We don't offer "off-the-peg" solutions.

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How to get it course in Newport Pagnell
Sold Out Trainers
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...of making the Impact they want? Assumptions and Personal Impact A look at the assumptions we make automatically and how they affect the way we behave... Learn about: Body Language, Personal Effectiveness... More

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Debra  Stevens
Debra Stevens

For the past 15 years Debra Stevens has worked with large organisations around the world. (including  Coke, Carlsberg, Financial Times and Penguin Books) ‘HOW TO GET IT!’ is a brand new workshop where you will learn for yourself what you need to do to improve your personal impact! ....See how small changes to your behaviour can reap incredible results at work, in the meeting room, in front of an audience and with your friends Packed with techniques, hints, tips and tools you will be able to take away and use with unbelievable effect immediately

Advantages of studying here

We start by taking the time to understand the culture and dynamics of your business and the people who work within it.Then we uniquely shape the courses we are to deliver around the specific circumstances of your training brief. The language we use and the scenarios we create will all be relevant and recognisable to the members of your staff.Our clients and delegates tell us that relevance is an essential element in the delivery of training that really makes a difference.The combination of well thought out situations, a trained and sympathetic moderator, and experienced actors specifically trained for working within theatre workshops, delivers training experiences that stay with delegates for a lifetime.Through the creation of recognisable settings in which delegates interact with actors and play out a variety of scenarios and what-if situations, the group both shares its combined experiences and arrives at resolutions and solutions that they had failed to grasp.

Areas of specialisation

We specialise in soft skills training, where people and attitudes make the difference.