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You will Learn: Making arrangements for accommodation and travel. Seeking medical assistance. Writing short messages and letters. Conversations.

About this course

You should be able to read, write and be willing to join in spoken group work. You should have done the level below the level you are joining.

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Course programme

Spanish Language

Course Information

You choose if you do a certificate or do the course for fun. The European language courses are offered through The Regional Open College Network up to level 3. OCR certificates also available. Other languages may not involve studying for a certificate.

Learning a language can lead to the satisfaction of being able to communicate freely which can be of benefit on holiday, or through career opportunities in the rapidly developing international job market. Some examples of careers are as interpreters, translators, teaching, bilingual secretary, sales and clerical work.

What you will Learn?

nitially you will be taught the basics such as the 24 hour clock, simple communication skills plus recognition of signs and place names. You will then be able to develop your knowledge through to levels 2 and 3 giving you the confidence to communicate in a wide range of circumstances.

Teaching is based on informal sessions allowing you to develop at your own pace. The emphasis is on spoken language. Small group work, videos, computers with Internet access and CDs are all used to improve the quality of the language learning experience.

Assessment and Accreditation

Continuous practical assessment will take place during the course as well as a portfolio of evidence prepared for external moderation by those people who would like to do the OCN certificate. You might choose to do the OCR certificate in some classes. This will involve a short exam at the end of the course and a charge for the exam entry for full fee learners.

What Can I Do Next?

Develop advanced language skills by working towards higher accredita- tion with OCR. These courses will suit people wishing to pursue higher level studies in languages and are looking for a sound basis for further development of language skills.

Additional information

Payment options: £41 per term Reduced fee £6 per term Exam fees vary.


£ 41 + VAT