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Typology Course
Level Beginner
Methodology Online
Duration 9 Months
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    9 Months

Would you like your children to have fun while learning? If the answer is yes, Emagister has the perfect course for you and your little ones!

During this course, kids will use Scratch to learn the foundations of coding for App development!

What is Scratch? Scratch is a block based educational software that was developed in M.I.T, with this course kids can create stories, games and videos by dragging and dropping commands.

Tekkieuni is an online international school for children. They believe that learning coding is important just like learning to read and write and they don't just teach how to code, they use coding as a tool for creative thinking, problem solving and team work.

TekkieUni promote healthy youth development. That's why they use coding as a platform to teach creativity, teamwork and problem solving. How do they do that?

Their main methodology is project based learning. When children are encountering the challenge of creating something from scratch they are forced to think outside the box, to work together and to find solutions. Children rise to the occasion and develop vital life skills, they discover everything by themselves helped by the instructor.

Let them have fun creating apps of their own design! Visit emagister.co.uk and learn all you need to know about this course.

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· What are the objectives of this course?

We will learn the foundations of coding using Scratch, a block-based development environment that allows kids to learn, create and invent stories, games and videos while learning the logic of coding. We will learn about commands, variables and loops. We will use these concepts to create their own games by dragging and dropping built in lines of code. We will also acquire basic graphic design tools and will use them to design the games he created.

· Requirements

Ages: 8 to 9.

· What marks this course apart?

Scratch is an object-oriented coding course for young kids, designed to improve problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

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Reviews on this course

4.0 23/04/2019
About the course: The services were nice and easy to access. The teachers are energetic and responsible. I am generally pleased by now as my daughter who is 10 years old is happy too.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
4.0 22/04/2019
About the course: My daughter is enjoying the coding course. For her, it is awesome and amazing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Amedeo Rijnvis
4.0 21/04/2019
About the course: It was so easy, informative and professional. It was put in a concise and simple way
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
James Marais
4.0 20/04/2019
About the course: My son is having fun and loving the course. I would definitely recommend it
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
4.0 19/04/2019
About the course: It was a great learning experience.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
5.0 12/05/2018
What I would highlight: The material is quite interesting and they helped in explaining everything in subtle manner, I had a nice time in all and everything was great. I enjoyed my time like anything in all.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
5.0 08/02/2018
What I would highlight: The teachers are very nice and I had an amazing time in all, thanks for everything. They deal in a real peaceful manner. It was good overall.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
5.0 05/04/2017
What I would highlight: I simply loved the course and everything was great and it was everything I was looking for. Teachers were great as well I had a nice time in all.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
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What you'll learn on the course

Programme Planning
Design techniques
Project Control
Computer Programming
Application Development
Creative Thinking
Design Tools
Visual Simulation
Online Community
Development environment
Interactive Story
Advanced Coding
Advanced Programming

Course programme


Students will get to know the learning environment. They will start by ccoding course for young kids involving no more than one character and gradually progress to programming advanced games that combine multiple characters, commands and design tools.


Scratch is a popular web-based visual development environment, allowing children to create animation, games and music by using drag-and-drop component blocks that are actually units of code. Providing multiple choices of characters, backgrounds and design tools, Scratch invites kids to create interest-based projects, share and discuss them in the online community.


Say Hello Introduction to Scratch. Students will get to know the teacher, their classmates and most importantly the development environment they will work on during the entire course. Students will learn basic concepts such as: stage, character, event and command.

Playing animals Students will create their first project, in which they will choose an animal and make it play an instrument. They will learn commands involving sounds, costumes and sizes. The project is programmed by dragging and dropping built in commands. Students will share their project in the virtual development environment.

The Story of Pico and Tera Students will create an interactive story using multiple backdrops (backgrounds), events and timed motions. In order to create their story students will be introduced to the x-y grid (axis). They will learn how to make a character move or turn, how to create an event, change backgrounds and time the various commands.

Catch the Worm Students will create a game that combines advanced coding concepts such as: loops, conditions and variables. They will place the characters on the stage by using the x-y axis and create an opening screen for their game.

Car Race Students will create an advanced game by using and implementing all the tools they have acquired including: Scratch design tools, conditions, variables, sensors and much more.

Math Quiz Students will work on a project that combines random questions, gathering user data and adding animation features to the characters.

Final Project Students will write a full script for a character that's made up of two characters. The character is a two-part tank. The challenge is to coordinate the tank's movement and direction using its two parts.