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"Very Helpful!" George Barrie - Welltec UK

The aim of this course is to enable delegates to examine the causes of stress and their impact on productivity, while also considering a range of techniques for helping themselves manage their own stress positively.

This course will assist delegates in identifying the negative symptoms of stress and help them learn how to proactively manage their stress levels - improving both their own performance and the performance of others. Some of the topics which will be covered include practicing goal planning, prioritising and managing time more effectively.

This program is suitable for individuals who want to improve their personal effectiveness and enhance their health and happiness by applying simple stress management techniques.

The trainer for this course has extensive experience in design and delivery of stress management training. The trainer has been successfully delivering training to both public and private sector organisations for over ten years and previously held a number of senior management positions in industry.

All delegates who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of attendance.

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  • Assessing Stress Level
  • Identifying Causes of Stress
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Good Habits
  • Personal Responsability
  • Stress Management
  • Positive Course of Action
  • Stress Prevention

Teachers and trainers (1)

Peter Noreiko

Peter Noreiko

Senior Trainer

Course programme

Course Contents:

By the end of this course, each delegate will be able to:

- Assess their stress levels and identify the common causes in the workplace and at home

- Identify the most common effects of stress on their quality of life

- Learn relaxation techniques to reduce the negative effects of stress

- Identify the areas of stress in their life where they can take control of some of the causes of their stress and plan a positive course of action

- Introduce tactics designed to sustain a long term positive mental attitude

- Turn positive action into positive habits

- Turn setbacks to their advantage

- Take personal responsibility for managing their stress

Course benefits:

- Learn how managers and individuals can manage stress positively at work in order to improve performance

- Appreciate the impact of too much and too little pressure and the cumulative effect of life-changing events

- Practice goal planning, prioritising and managing time more effectively

- Identify ways of improving team performance by managing stress

Additional information

Payment options: Prices start from £345+VAT per delegate. Please note multiple Booking Discounts are available when you book 2 or more delegates onto this course.

These work out as follows: -

2 delegates = 10% discount
3 delegates = 15% discount
4 delegates = 20% discount
5 delegates = 25% discount
6 delegates or more = 30% discount (maximum discount available)

Stress Management

£ 201-500