SVQ Level 2 Horticulture

In Port Glasgow

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    Port glasgow (Scotland)


Suitable for: SVQ level 2 is designed for those looking to enhance their theory, practical techniques and skill levels in amenity horticulture.

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Port Glasgow (Renfrewshire)
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Parklea Playing Fields, Greenock Road, PA14 6TR


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Course programme

Structure of the SVQ

Work based and continuous assessments. Candidates are responsible for their own research and documentation towards the development of their portfolio of evidence. Candidates will be allowed a certain amount of autonomy towards the practical work and will be required to undertake tailored projects.

Amenity Horticulture Level II: Group award number G9HT 22

Level 2 Provides the candidate with a deeper understanding of horticulture. Candidates take full responsibility for their own Level II portfolio development. Candidates will be able to participate in:

Mandatory units for Amenity Horticulture
Candidates must complete all of these units:

F7TS Monitoring and Maintaining Health and Safety
1. Monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the workplace
2. Maintain good standards of health and safety for self and others

Optional units mandatory (candidates must complete 1 of the following 2 units)

F7VR Site Preparation

* Clear Sites
* Level and prepare sites for landscaping
* Prepare soil for planting, seeding and turfing

F7SW Establish Plants Outdoors
1. Prepare ground for establishing plants
2. Establish plants in soil

Candidates must also complete 6 of the following units, in addition to the mandatory units. When candidates are more familiar with the work involved, they can choose to work towards a landscaping option or a plant production option.

F7TD Maintain General Amenity Turf
1. Maintain the health of general amenity turf
2. Maintain the condition of general amenity turf

F7W1 Use and Maintain Equipment and Machines
1. Use equipment and machinery
2. Carry out routine maintenance to equipment and machinery

F7SE Construct and Maintain Boundaries and Paths
1. Construct and maintain boundaries
2. Construct and maintain paths

F7TA Maintain and Repair Structures and Surfaces
1. Maintain structures and surfaces
2. Repair structures and surfaces

F7TF Maintain Plants Outdoors
1. Maintain the health of plants outdoors
2. Remove unwanted plant growth

F7VJ Propagate Plants by Vegetative Methods
1. Collect propagation material
2. Prepare propagation material
3. Establish propagation material in a growing environment

F7VK Propagate Plants from Seed
1. Prepare materials and sow seed
2. Provide aftercare for seedlings

F7VC Prepare Growing Media
1. Obtain and position materials
2. Prepare growing media

F7TR Monitor Environmental Conditions for Protected Crops
1. Monitor and record environmental conditions for protected crops
2. Monitor and maintain watering systems

F7T3 Identify, Collect and Prepare Plants for Dispatch
1. Identify and collect plants for despatch
2. Prepare plants for despatch

Landscape Activities

* Planting up shrub and herbaceous borders
* Soil cultivation
* Planting out trees
* Adjusting soil conditions and applying fertiliser
* Work and discussion on hazards associated with tools, plants and machinery and how to minimise the risk of accidents
* Work, discussion and practical session on the importance of weed control
* Using and maintaining a variety of hand tools, power tools and horticultural machines
* Discussion, planning and practical sessions for seasonal bedding plants displays
* Group/peer review of how resources could be used efficiently
* Pruning and supporting plants

Plant Production

* Preparing sites and growing medium for growing crops
* Establishing crops in the growing medium
* Maintaining healthy growth of a selected crop
* Monitoring the progress and health of the crop
* Procedures to maintain the healthy growth of the crop
* Work and discussion on hazards associated with tools, plants and associated substances and how to minimise the risk of these
* Work and discussion on the reasons for growing the selected crop
* Work and discussion on the basic requirements for growth of the selected crop.
* Identifying the stages of production of the selected crop.
* Group work and discussion on identifying signs of pest and disease damage to crops.

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