Trade Finance for Lawyers

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£ 3001-4000


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    Short course

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    1 Day

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    Different dates available

This one day seminar, aimed at lawyers and non-bankers, provides and insight into trade finance practices and related risks.

After attending the course, participants will be able to explain to their clients the benefits of using Incoterms, as well as detail the different methods of providing finance and their key characteristics.

Some of the topics covered include commercial & financial documents such as invoices, transport documents, insurance and bills of exchange. Participants will learn about the rules for collection, the International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP 681) and UCP 600. There will be discussions on the differences between letters of credit and standby letters, and you will also learn about the use of different types of letters of credit such as back to back and revolving and reinstatement credits.

They will also be able to assist with identifying and structuring the appropriate trade solutions for customers, assess various risks to both the bank and the client in international trade transactions and explain and identify ways of mitigating that risk.

This course can be delivered in-house to a team of people.

For further information about the course, trainer or to request a quote, please contact the center.

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  • Trade Finance For Lawyers



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Start date

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  • Trade Finance
  • Incoterms
  • Commercial Documents
  • Transport Documents
  • Bills of exchange
  • Promissory Notes
  • UCP 600
  • ISBP 681
  • Letters of Credit
  • Standby

Teachers and trainers (1)

Former Practitioner

Former Practitioner

Former Practitioner

Course programme

Course Content:

Incoterms 2000:

  • The purpose of Incoterms
  • The 13 Incoterms
  • How Incoterms affect the documents that exporters must produce

Key characteristics of Commercial & Financial Documents

  • Invoices
  • Transport Documents
  • Insurance Policy/Certificate
  • Understanding the use of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes

Documentary Collections

  • Parties and responsibilities
  • Uniform Rules for Collection 522

Introduction to UCP 600

  • Purpose
  • Structure
  • Articles

Instructions to issue/amend Letters of Credit

  • The importance of the application form (legal issues)
  • Workability of the credit

Examination of documents

  • International Standard Banking Practice ISBP 681
  • Key elements of the main articles of UCP 600
  • Processing non-compliant documents as issuing bank
  • Processing non-compliant documents as Nominated/Confirming Bank
  • Risks arising from non-adherence to UCP 600 & ISBP 681

Related issues

  • Assignment of Proceeds under Letters of Credit

Specialised Letters of Credit

  • Transferable
  • Back-to-Back
  • Red Clause Credits
  • Revolving & Reinstatement Credits
  • Standby

Contract Guarantees

  • Types
  • Risks
  • Security

Trade Finance for Lawyers

£ 3001-4000