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TUPE Law and practice Regulations 1

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A concise approach in discussing the operations in law of TUPE in regard protection and rights/ liabilities of employers and employees upon a TUPE transfer of which are in two parts; either a 'business transfer' e.g transfer of an economic entity; or secondly, a 'service provision change' e.g. contracting out of service. To meander through using case law and hypothetical scenarios to gain an understanding for what is in short a complex area of employment law. The training also touches on minimizing potential breach in areas such as unfair dismissal, collective agreements and redundancies etc.

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The objectives of the training programme is to gain an understanding of TUPE methods of transfers and the effects that such transfers have on businesses and employees in differing circumstances using a range of hypothetical formative exercises To seek and avoid many of the potential pitfalls thus encountered in terms of liabilities under TUPE

HR Practitioners e.g. Managers, Employee Relations Personnel, Change Management, Employment advisers - those new to HR Management


Programme applyies a range of interactive hypothetical formative exercises as a means of garnering an understanding of TUPE set against a backdrop of 'live' case law.

Course/ Training Programme outline and details, including formative cost and venues etc.

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What you'll learn on the course

  • Dismissal
  • Regulations
  • HR Management
  • Employment Law
  • Redundancies
  • Change Management
  • Contract Law
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Relations

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Adam Phillips

Adam Phillips


Course programme

The programme discusses all aspects to the TUPE regulations having in mind what make a relevant transfer to issues concerning dismissal etc. For example, the TUPE regulations has two differing definitions of a transfer - business transfer and service provisions changes. We also discuss the protected rights of the employee under the transfer, including part of an undertaking. Other sailant issues under discussion are the matters of dismissal unless for a ETO reason and in depth rights, liabilities and contractual obligations affecting the tranfer such as redundancies etc.We shall also discuss Unions and collective consultations and how they may affect the transfer etc. Depth will be added to the programme where case studies will be in use to add and to illustrate the nature and complexities of a tranfer under the TUPE regulations.
£ 295 VAT inc.