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To show organisations how to create a culture of "Yes, And".

Course programme

The aim
To show organisations how to create a culture of "Yes, And".

About the programme
This humorous drama teaches how the basics of improvisation will help your organisation communicate better, build stronger teams, and create a positive work environment. Just like an improv troupe, organisations need to know how to work together when the plan doesn't go as planned.

With its innovative approach it asks viewers to break their current "No, but" pattern and commit to the "Yes, and" philosophy, the same philosophy that allows professional improvisational actors to create effectively on stage. "Yes, and" creates a positive environment for communication and active listening. It encourages adaptability and innovation, fosters open-mindedness and generates trust. It's not simply a method to find solutions to problems that may arise, instead, it is a mind-set in which people are empowered to think on their feet and take risks.

Hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, TV personality and Second City alum, along with a talented ensemble cast,the programme emphasises that good communication starts with a "Yes, and" philosophy. When an organisation commits to the philosophy, good things will happen!

The key outcomes
-Helps individuals understand what is actually being said by actively listening
-Encourages individuals to affirm each others ideas, even if they disagree
-Enables ideas to be built upon and ensures these ideas are grown

Programme includes:
DVD (14 mins)
Course leader's guide
PowerPoint presentation
Pocket reminder cards

Produced by Second City Communications 2005

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