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To give managers the skills and confidence to deal with problems that cause tension and stress within the workplace.

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Course programme

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The aim
To give managers the skills and confidence to deal with problems that cause tension and stress within the workplace.

About the programme
The real cost of workplace stress is becoming more apparent. According to the Health and Safety Executive, up to 5 million people in the UK feel 'very' or 'extremely' stressed by their work and, on average, 29 days are lost per stress incident. 12.8 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2004 at a staggering cost of £3.8 billion

Designed to support the Health and Safety Executive's Standards and Guidelines for tackling work-related stress, this informative programme is based on independent research into the key drivers of stress in the workplace. It utilises over 50 years' experience the Samaritans have in training people how to communicate and deal with a diverse range of difficult situations. The interactive CDROM, ideal for self-study, includes aspects of Samaritans unique 'active listening skills', which have now been adapted for use within the workplace and features a series of fictional characters who are on hand to help participants explore challenging work situations.

"Samaritans stresses the correct methods of dealing with workplace tension. I thought the resource was helpful for managers and team leaders, with some useful information."
Noreen Tehrani, Chartered psychologist, People Management Magazine, May 20

"An engaging and well produced package bringing credible scenarios to life with a light touch. A range of diverse navigation interfaces kept the panel engaged in this well-needed management resource."'International Visual Communication Association Judges Citation' E-learning Gold Award 2007

The key outcomes
-Recognise how the management style and the culture of the organisation can impact on the well-being of the staff
-Develop skills to recognise when a person needs support at work and gain confidence in handling the situation and communicating more effectively.
-Reduce levels of stress for staff and build emotionally healthy and productive teams
-Enjoy the productivity and profitability of an organisation that functions without stress.

Programme includes:
Interactive self-study CD-ROM.

Produced by Samaritans 2006


WorkLife for Managers

£ 999 + VAT