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WP Website Workshop


I’m Bev K, and I am your trainer. I started this website to help others utilise the WordPress platform. WordPress Training course London

WP Website Workshop is a sister site of BlogWorkz , set up to accommodate the growing demand for WordPress Training & Coaching. Since 2009 I’ve been creating websites with wordpress including my my own websites, after coaching friends & colleagues to use WordPress, I discovered that I really enjoyed coaching people through creating their own website so much that I’m now training people and it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to pass on my knowledge, since it’s something I liked, why not do it?

The best way to describe my WordPress workshops & training is that they are “non-geeky.” I keep things simple and straight forward. I’m not going to dazzle you with lines of coding that you cant’ understand.

I won’t promise that you will be a WordPress whizz kid, because thats misleading, however it’s very possible to create a website, and get better the more you practice.

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Advantages of studying here

I like to keep the groups workshops small to ensure you get the best from your training.

I’ll will teach you how to use WordPress to set up and maintain your website or blog and much more. If you’re an absolute beginner, my training course will guide you through the process in a step by step way.

The one day course is very hands on, and great value in which you’ll learn to use WordPress by actually building a site, and then after the course you’ll have the knowledge to expand the website to make it even better by adding new pages and content and more.

WordPress as the preferred website building tool among many business owners because it works. It is easy to update, has excellent built in SEO functions, and literally thousands of features due to the availability of paid and free extensions that add more to the functionality of your WordPress site.

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