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At WRS TRAINING, we are focused on providing bespoke, professional, realistic, tailored training solutions with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
With over 25 years combined military and commercial security industry our training manager has a wealth of knowledge spanning all aspects of the security industry. After spending the last 10 years on close protection teams working in some of the most hostile places on earth Darren decided to set up WRS TRAINING as he felt that a lot of the training providers out there were more concerned with quantity rather than quality and a lot of training was being provided by people with very limited operational experience. For this reason WRS TRAINING limits its courses to a maximum of 8 students, all of our tutors and guest lecturers are vastly experienced in their chosen field, we use, for example, where possible advanced driving instructors to teach driving, our fire safety instructor is an active service firefighter etc. Our philosophy is simple-If we wouldn't be happy to work with one of our graduates in an operational environment, we wouldn't expect anybody else to. Due to this philosophy we ensure that each student has an interview or is known to us personally before training commences and if we are unsure that a student will live up to our high standards we will tell them upfront that they may not be suited to employment in our industry.
Unlike many of our competitors we will not offer you "guaranteed" employment of completion of one of our courses. What we will offer is a personal introduction, and recommendation, to several, large security companies who specialise in door supervision, event security, close protection and static guarding.

We look forward to speaking to you about your training needs in the very near future.

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