National Safety Passport

National Safety Passport

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Important information

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· Requirements

A Laptop with internet connection

Course programme

An e-learning National Safety Passport program saving their customers a great deal of time and money while maintaining a very high standard of safety training.

This Safety Passport program is completely portable allowing candidates to fit it in around their other duties. No more need for days away from the job, travelling or overnight costs; a clear winner in today's economic climate. At a cost of £69.99 (per person ex VAT) it is ideal for renewals as well as new safety passport holders.

The HSE INDG381 compliant Safety Passport program includes the nationally recognised EMSS Safety Passport card which can be validated online for authenticity. This will exceed employer's mandatory requirements to provide safety, health and environment (SHE) training at a fraction of the cost associated with more traditional safety passport schemes.

The e-learning National Safety Passport course has been proven to hold the attention of the candidate and improve knowledge retention while making the learning a more enjoyable experience.

Combined with a 100% positive feedback from participants:Course can be taken anywhere any time for a fraction of the cost (other providers can charge up to £400 + accommodation for each candidate – this new product costs £69.99 +vat)This way of taking the course means that your network band width is not impacted and the memory stick is certified as being virus free by COMODO (Your IT department and security team will be pleased);Course can be delivered in less than half the current time and can be taken in small chunks hence less resource time is required and you don’t need to take the attendee away from ‘business as usual’ tasks for the full duration of the course;Get contractors working straight away – Instead of having to turn contractors away because they do not have a safety passport or they have no proof that they have successfully attended Safety Passport training. Now you can simply give them this memory stick and tell them to complete the course with immediate effect. They can be approved within five hours;Employers have a sanctioned, auditable, approved method for ensuring that all their staff have successfully undertaken National Safety Passport training.

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