Naturopathy: Health & Wellbeing


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This naturopathy course has been designed as a rejuvenation programme that will help you to transform your lifestyle and improve your health. You will gain invaluable tips for nutritional diets that can improve health and wellbeing and ensuring that you are in the right frame of mind to make these lifestyle changes.This course is led by Emma Jones Phillips and Steve Phillips combined experience in this field of over 30 years. They have helped thousands of patients transform their lives with this rejuvenation programme and overcome various disorders such as eating disorders, addictions, infertility and skin disorders.Enrol on this course today and notice how subtle changes to your diet and mindset has amazing effects on your lifestyle and health!


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· What are the objectives of this course?

61 lectures with 7.5 hours of video content This rejuvenation programme will help you to transform your lifestyle and health Learn nutritional tips that will have long lasting effects on your health Get in the right mindset to make such positive changes to your life Take this course and enjoy a happier, healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.

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What you'll learn on the course

Balanced Diet
Diet Plan

Course programme

The philosophy of the rejuvenation programme
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Course Overview
Understanding the fundamental rules of hydration
A hydrating diet and its importance for cellular cleansing
Goals and objectives for the rejuvenation porgramme
Looking at the naturopathic diet
Eating a plant based diet for optimum nutrition
Learning the basics of the Naturopathic lifestyle

Foods that Rejuvenate
Foods that rejuvenate Part 1
Foods that rejuvenate Part 2
Foods that create stress Part 1
Foods that create stress Part 2
Foods that create harmony and balance
Addressing the acid alkaline balance
Acid and Alkaline Foods Handout
Resolving cravings by correcting deficiencies
Detoxification and remineralisation
Different diets and what works for you

Healing the Body at a Cellular Level
How to heal the body at a cellular level
Why do we need Essential fatty acids
The good fats and their influence on health
Why the bad fats damage our health
How to utilize essential fats
Unlock the key to optimum health

Giving your body the nutrients that it needs
Juicing for health
Increase your energy with super foods
Resolving Addictions
Transitioning to a plant based diet
Balancing blood sugars
Giving your body what it needs
Creating your own health programme

A balanced Diet
Eating in balance with the seasons
Chinese traditional medicine
CTM five elements table
Home grown local food
The benefits of eating organic food
Sprouting for health
The importance of eating a colorful diet
Seasonal and local eating

Understanding the power of your mind
How to create a positive mindset
Understanding your emotional health
Understanding your eating habits
Foods that negatively affect the mind
Foods that enhance your mind and emotions
The breakthrough session

Finding a balance that works for you
Finding out which supplementation works for you
Correcting deficiencies
Supplements which improve different areas of the body
Supplements that detoxify
Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies
How to read supplement labels
Incorporating Supplementation

The cleansing power of Naturopathic Techniques
The cleansing power of Naturopathic Techniques
The healing effects of castor oil
How to use naturopathic techniques safely
What techniques are right for you
How to use naturopathic techniques in your life
Colon cleansing techniques
The three stages of Naturopathy
How often to do techniques
Transformative techniques

Conclusion and Bonus Materials
Your program for transformation
Feeling the benefits
Recipes for health
Giving your body what it needs
The benefits of different diets
Your programme for ongoing transformation

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