Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Signature Massage – Module 1

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Brief Syllabus of the Theoretical Sessions: Insight into Ayurveda, basic Ayurvedic principles. Understanding doshas (dosha functions, symptoms, assessment). Effects of Ayurvedic massage, indications and contraindications. Use of the oils and other fatty substances in Abhyanga. Use of the heat in Abhyanga. Individualising / customising the treatment. Additional treatments applicable during / after Abhyanga.
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Course programme

An intensive 4 day theory and hands-on practical course

This gentle, choreographed, rhythmic massage uses a variety of techniques to enhance skin tone, detoxify and revitalise the entire body to induce deep relaxation. On this course, you will gain a good understanding of Ayurveda’s key principles and the importance of identification of the individual’s body constitution (dosha analysis). This is necessary to perform an authentic Ayurvedic massage. It is the correct use of medicinal plants and oils customised to individual constitution that sets this form of massage apart from other methods.

You will learn how to select the appropriate herbalised Ayurvedic oil to suit the needs of the individual. You will also be taught how to identify key marma points at various locations on the body and stimulate these vital energy points in the correct way.

Although this course is largely hands-on, there is a certain level of classroom instruction necessary for you to perform authentic, effective Ayurvedic massage.

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Signature Massage – Module 1

£ 500 + VAT