Advanced Inventory Planning and Stock Control

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Understand the key concepts relating to inventory management in terms of both information and physical aspects of control with this Advanced Inventory Planning and Stock Control Course, imparted by London Corporate Training.

The programme, that has a duration of two weeks, aims to give its participants the necessary tools to manage the key areas of warehouse operations, not having doubts when comes to eliminating wasteful activities/costs, and describing the materials handling cycle, manual and mechanical handling and accident prevention.

By the end of the course, delegates will be also able to record, manage and measure inventory costs, and to apply MRP, JIT, Kaizen, Kanban strategies. Optimising resource planning and overall efficiency and establishing effective inventory management controls are also part of the contents.

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3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA


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  • I would like to return for more training courses. Thanks a lot for everything. I will recommend LCT to my colleagues.

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What I would highlight: I would like to return for more training courses. Thanks a lot for everything. I will recommend LCT to my colleagues.
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Course programme

Fundamentals of Inventory Management

·Inventory management essentials

·Profit through inventory management

·Inventory management and customer service

·Analysing the requirements

·Setting inventory management parameters

Replenishment Policies and Inventory Planning

·Replenishment or Reordering

·Continuous and periodic reviews

·Order quantity and Order up-to level

·Inventory planning

·Inventory optimisation

Stock Identification and Recording Procedures

·Receipts and issues of stock

·Order quantities and rules

·Stocktaking and different types of stockholding

·Safety stock

·Obsolescence and write-offs - methods and procedures for disposal of surplus and unserviceable items

Inventory Control

·Cost effectivity of stock holding

·Managing and controlling stock

·Just In Time management

·Practical methods of reducing stockholding

·Setting and maintaining the right stock levels

Strategic Management of Inventory and all types of Stock

·Inventory classification and audits - ABC

Analysis or the 80/20 rule

·Implementing leading edge strategies – MRP, JIT, Kaizen, and Kanban

·Effective forecasting and peak demand planning

·Inventory cost reduction techniques

·Effectively managing inventory risk

Stock Identification and Recording Procedures

·The role of the warehouse in the modern supply chain

·The organisational structure of a warehouse

·Factors determining the location and number of warehouses

·Warehouse design

·Different types of warehousing

Management strategies involved in creating an efficient warehouse

·Implementing a dynamic warehouse management system

·Enterprise Resource Planning

·On Time Complete and On Time Delivery methods

·Floor loads and floors stocks

·Order fulfilment and fill rates

Managing People, Resources, Performance, Health and Safety

·The role of the warehouse manager

·People management

·Resource planning

·Performance management

·Health and safety

Inventory Improvements and the Supply Chain

·The supply chain and the theory of constraints

·Supply chain process mapping

·Saw tooth curve

·Using the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) graph to find improvements

·Inventory in the distribution network

Advanced Inventory Planning and Stock Control

£ 4,500 + VAT