Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Human Resources)


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Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Human Resource Management will provide a solid basis to enable graduates to operate responsibly and successfully in roles that contribute to their organisations' performance.






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Course programme

Global developments, together with the current drive to expand the South African economy, require people with business management skills who can be accommodated in any economic sector. In line with this national imperative, the Milpark Education School of Commerce BCom degree provides practical skills and a broad understanding of the international business environment.

The Milpark Education School of Commerce Bachelor of Commerce qualification has been rigorously developed to ensure market relevance and academic integrity. It is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge base, practical competence and application skills required to either enter the labour market or pursue further studies in this field.

The outcomes of the programme include demonstrating a functional knowledge of human resource management and demonstrate the functional knowledge of economics and business.


The Milpark Education School of Commerce BCom equips you with skills that are valued by employers, giving you a smooth transition from the classroom to the boardroom. You will develop strong teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Career opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Public Sector Administration
  • Advertising Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analyst roles in the Banking and Financial sector


Semester 1 Semester 2

Year 1

  • Induction to Business Studies INDBS1-5 (0/5)
  • Principles of Microeconomics PMIC02-5 (20/5)
  • Principles of Accounting ACCP02-5 (20/5)
  • Introduction to Business Management INBM02-5 (20/5)
  • Global Corporate Citizenship 1 GCCI02-5 (20/5)

  • Economics 1B (Principles of Marcoeconomics) ECON1B-6 (15/6)
  • Accounting 1B ACC01B-6 ( 20/6)
  • Business Law BLAW1B-6 (14/6)
  • Managing People MAPE01-5 (20/5)

Year 2

  • Economics 2A ECON2A-6 (15/6)
  • Business Management (Operations Management) BBAB201A (15/6)
  • Human Resource Management 1 (Principles of Human Reource Management) HRMA1-6 (14/6)

  • Business Management 2B ( Management and Leadership) BBAB201B (15/6)
  • Marketing Management Practice PMAR01-6 (20/6)
  • Workplace Relations WREL01-6 (15/6)

Year 3

  • Business Management 3A (General Management) BBAB310A (16/7)
  • Economics 3A ECON31-7 (15/7)
  • Entrepreneurship BBAENT301 (18/7)
  • Organisational Development BBAHR301 (18/7)

  • Leadership Development HRMA3B-7 (20/7)
  • Business Research Methods BBAM301B (20/7)


Optional (Select 1):

  • Economics 3B ECON3B-7 (20/7)
  • Business Management 3C (International Business) BBAB301C (18/7)

Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Human Resources)

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