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Building Capacities of future leaders for a climate-resilient world

Frankfurt School is always building capacities in developing/emerging countries through technical assistance and executive education programmes. Students are not often aware of the range of services and products this school…

The Importance of Human Resources Management

Human resources management is a key element that helps employees to achieve their objectives. In large companies, the Human Resources Department is one of the most significant ones since its activities go further than people's…

Become an Interior Designer

Interior design has become, in recent years, a demanded profession for many reasons. Old houses renovations, generational changes, newly built homes and the change in people's way of life are some of them.  Its goal is to create…

What is Java programming language?

Java is a programming language used to create web applications and platforms. It is meant to let developers “write once, run anywhere” (WORA), which means that it can be run on all platforms. It was designed for flexibility…

Reasons to study Chinese

One of the 7,000 languages ​​that exist in the world, Chinese (in its 10 variants) is the most spoken one. There are 1.3 billion speakers in the world (both native and knowledgeable of the language). This is because China…

What jobs will increase in the future?

In the fourth quarter of the year, we usually analyze how the year has gone and the forecasts of growth in sectors the following year in terms of employment. Therefore, numerous studies are done to adapt the training offer to…

Learn German

Are you thinking of learning German but you think it’s very difficult or don't have time? In Emagister we have the best solution. We offer you courses to study German. Whether you are a beginner, want to improve your skills…

IED Milan: The master course in Design starts in January 2020

15th edition - 1st Level Master course in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product trains professionals with strong skills in design and innovation, suitable for working as Designers in studios, agencies, design companies, institutions…
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