Beginning in 2012 and set to launch in 2014, Emagister has taken on the ambitious project of creating a navigation system for differing educational systems all over the world.  This project will be available for public use, thanks to the support and financing of  Plan Avanza of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism.


With this extensive project, Emagister is constructing a new navigation platform, one which will include the layouts of all of the different educational systems in all of the countries in which Emagister operates.

One of major advantage of  this new platform is that all of the urls in Emagister’s directory will contain the necessary information to guide its users. User will be able to navigate according to their interests, educational goals and career objectives. Users will also be able to navigate with respect to different academic levels, according to their degree goals or non-degree interests.

In order to accomplish this task, Emagister is revamping its directory and improving upon its information architecture to include the different types of education available in the marketplace.


Accordingly, in the second phase of the project, Emagister will take on the task of incorporating online courses and their corresponding sales platforms and registration information. When this phase is complete, Emagister will be able to offer direct online registration for these courses, which are specifically tailored for the internet and which incorporate the use of social networks.

Emagister would like to thank Plan Avanza for its confidence in our team and in the company, and for giving us the opportunity to develop this project, which is a welcome challenge and exciting new evolution for our global company.

Team Emagister

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