As the world continues its fight against COVID-19, we are all beginning to wonder just what ‘normal’ life may look like in a post-Coronavirus world. For education, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for online learning, with even school teachers and students grappling with virtually-delivered lessons.

The ability to study at one’s own pace, whenever, wherever and however one desires, makes online learning hugely accessible for most, especially in a time where direct contact and interaction cannot be achieved. That said, it must also be noted that the benefits of classroom training have not been completely superseded – it is hard to imagine a world where the value of learning through direct human interaction becomes obsolete.

Blended Learning – the New Normal

Blended learning programmes are, and will continue to gain traction during the crisis, as many seek to use the time in lockdown to expand their skills and knowledge. But even as the world begins to take baby steps in returning to what life was as we knew it, the accessibility of blended learning will certainly lead as it becomes the new normal.

With this in mind, the FS Sustainable World Academy is delighted to unveil 2 brand new diplomas in Financial Inclusion and in Green Finance. These 12-month blended learning programmes combine both the benefits of online learning with classroom training and allow participants to further develop their careers beyond one single Certified Expert course.

The programmes offer participants the opportunity to create their own curriculum, allowing them the freedom to sculpt and mould their studies in line with their own personal career goals. The first two periods of each diploma are both online-based, affording the participants the chance to study how and when they desire. The third period provides a week of classroom training and hands-on learning in Frankfurt, Germany through the Sustainable World Academy’s distinguished Summer Academy. This is a great opportunity to network with fellow participants, industry experts and FS International Advisory Services staff.

The diploma covers an otherwise missing middle ground in the Sustainable World Academy’s e-campus portfolio. It is true that many participants of the e-campus courses do want to extend their study a career development beyond one Certified Expert course, but face limitations when considering a Masters application – whether financially or their ability to juggle it alongside full-time work. The diploma addresses these concerns by offering accessible, customisable and affordable tuition.

Sustainability Beyond the Pandemic

The diploma further consolidates and advances the Sustainable World Academy’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and it aims itself at those who are ready to make a change in the economies of developing countries and in the fight against climate change.

In its long-term recovery from the Coronavirus outbreak, the world will turn to its next generation of financial experts who will see this as an opportunity to rebuild for a brighter economic and environmental future. The diploma has been launched to help equip this future generation with the hands-on skills and technical expertise required to make a real difference.


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