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Business Management - NCFE - Level 3 Award
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Course Summary

Reach Your Potential in Business Management
Take the first step towards a bright and prosperous future!

Managers are possibly the most crucial factor to the success of any business. Every component in a business is important but it's up to the manager to pull the components together and make them work successfully. That is why skilled managers are so valuable in today's business climate where issues of quality, cost and competition are key to business success. Good business management is not just about intuition, being a good leader or being assertive; it has become a science relying upon skills and knowledge.

Course includes:

• Management skills and issues
• Structure and authority
• Models of management
• The growth of international business
• Planning and organising
• Using the marketing mix
• Leading and controlling the business

Management Skills and Issues:

• Personal qualities needed for success in business
• Setting duties, tasks and responsibilities
• Structure and authority
• Managing by objectives
• Checklist for an effective organisation
• Business ethics
• Time management
• Stress management
• The production team
• Warehousing, shipping and dispatching
• Administration, finance, marketing and sales
• Human resources
• Management functions in general

An Introduction to Management

• The content and process of management work
• Conventional and critical perspectives
• Specialisation between areas of management
• Models of management
• Management theories for uncertain conditions
• The general business environment
• The competitive environment
• Organising environmental analysis
• Stakeholder analysis
• The growth of international business
• Contrasts in national cultures
• Managing in an international context
• Responsible business practices
• Corporate social responsibility

Planning and Organising

• Types of planning and strategy
• Defining organisational purpose
• Alternative perspectives on strategy
• The importance of marketing
• Creating a marketing orientation
• Understanding the consumer
• Using the marketing mix
• Organisation structure and culture
• Creating the vertical structure
• Creating the horizontal structure
• Human resource management
• Performance appraisal
• The balance between old and new structure
• The context of change
• Influencing people to implement change
• Sources of power to influence others
• Behavioural models

Leading and Controlling the Business

• Motivation and behaviour modification
• Process theories of motivation
• Empowerment
• Careers in a time of change
• Communication and management
• Effective communication
• Problems and barriers to communication
• The basis of effective teams
• A model for team effectiveness
• The disadvantages of teams
• Finance and budgetary control
• Aspects of financial reporting
• Managing operations and quality
• Computer-based information systems
• The role of the internet
• Managing information systems

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