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  • University is great, so is the staff and other people I met along the way. However, I met few boring ones as well but then it's ok.

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BSc Computer Science is a broad curiosity-driven (that is, you can choose to specialise without restrictions) degree. This degree leads to a qualification that will enable graduates to enter careers across the broad range of computing specialisms.
The BSc in Computer Science is accredited by the British Computer Society. Our student placement scheme is run by IT Wales, an industrial and community programme founded by the Computer Science Department at Swansea in 1993. Our full-time industrial liaison team links the academic expertise and resources in Computer Science to the skills and technical requirements of commerce and industry. This relationship helps ensure that our students have the skills they need. IT Wales is supported by European Union, the Welsh Assembly Government and hundreds of companies. The student placement scheme is so successful, it is now offered throughout Wales; the Computer Science Department at Swansea is the administrative centre. Because of our long experience, our students have a leading role in the scheme and its development.
Our friendly staff are committed to a student experience and education of a very high standard and our department has over 40 years of commitment to the best international standards of university education. We have excellent employment prospects in an ever growing and changing computing and ICT industry. Our excellent transferable skills open doors to careers in all sectors of the economy. Our university has a high success rate for graduation, low drop out rate, and excellent student support.




Singleton Park (Swansea)
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University Of Wales Swansea, SA2 8PP


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Entry Requirements Offers for our main degree programmes are around AAB-BBB at A-level or DDD for BTEC depending on subjects taken. Our MEng and MSci programmes have one grade higher entry. Entry offers for our foundation year will be CCC at A-level or DMM at BTEC. We exclude General Studies, Key Skills and reject or make higher offers to some subject combinations. A-level students: If you are studying Maths, Computer Science or Physics, your 2 other A levels can be in any subject. ut a grade 6/grade B or higher in GCSE Maths will be rejected unless you are re-sitting GCSE Maths, or...

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  • University is great, so is the staff and other people I met along the way. However, I met few boring ones as well but then it's ok.

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What I would highlight: University is great, so is the staff and other people I met along the way. However, I met few boring ones as well but then it's ok.
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What you'll learn on the course

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Course programme


Disclaimer: Module selection options may change.

Year 1 (Level 4)

FHEQ 4 Degree / HECertCompulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameCS-110Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Programming 1CS-115Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Programming 2CS-130Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Professional Issues 1: Computers and SocietyCS-135Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Professional Issues 2: Software DevelopmentCS-150Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Concepts of Computer Science 1CS-155Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Concepts of Computer Science 2CS-170Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Modelling Computing Systems 1CS-175Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Modelling Computing Systems 2

Year 2 (Level 5)

FHEQ 5 Degree / HEDipCompulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameCS-200Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Introduction to Human-Computer InteractionCS-205Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Declarative ProgrammingCS-210Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15ConcurrencyCS-230Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Software EngineeringCS-250Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Database SystemsCS-255Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Computer GraphicsCS-270Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15AlgorithmsCS-275Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Automata and Formal Language Theory

Year 3 (Level 6)

FHEQ 6 Degree / Honours

Students choose 120 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameCSP354Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Sep-Jun Taught)15Computer Science Project Specification and Development

Optional Modules


Choose Exactly 15 credits from the following Modules:

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceCSP302Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Sep-Jun Taught)15Computer Science Project DissertationCSP344Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Sep-Jun Taught)15Computer Science Project Implementation and Dissertation



Choose Exactly 90 credits from the following Modules:

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceAR-501Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Enterprise and Creativity: Entrepreneurship in practiceCSC306Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Writing Mobile AppsCSC309Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Sep-Jun Taught)15Invention and Innovation in ComputingCSC313Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15High Integrity SystemsCSC318Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Cryptography and IT-SecurityCSC327Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Visual AnalyticsCSC337Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Data VisualisationCSC345Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Big Data and Machine LearningCSC348Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Web Application DevelopmentCSC349Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15User ExperienceCSC364Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Software TestingCSC368Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Embedded System DesignCSC371Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Advanced Object Oriented ProgrammingCSC375Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Logic for Computer ScienceCSC385Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Modelling and Verification TechniquesCSC390Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Teaching Computing via a School Placement

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