Cultural Intelligence for Healthcare professionals

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Course programme

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Cultural Intelligence in Healthcare

Developing Cultural Competence to deliver high quality personalised care for All patients

-a New workshop for Healthcare Managers

We are living in a multi-ethnic society, with 39% of NHS Staff from diverse backgrounds, and some cities in England reaching over 25% of their population from ethnic minorities. Recognising these demographic changes, healthcare providers are required to deliver high quality, personalised care for all - in treatment, prevention as well as health promotion. Recent NHS reviews have emphasised this approach to provide patient centred care, improve patient engagement and experience, as well as promote equality and access for minority groups. Delivering such optimal care requires good knowledge and understanding of diversity and cultural differences of patients. The application of this knowledge will help to deliver more effective engagement, focused services and better patient satisfaction for all, under various programmes such as- World Class Commissioning, High Quality Care for All , Leadership Development., etc.

5 reasons to attend this workshop

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of diverse patients. Increase Cultural Competence.
  • Understand how faith/ beliefs/values can affect health care & outcomes
  • Implement effective engagement, commissioning, consultation and health promotion strategies to diverse communities
  • Supports Management & Leadership Development, WCC, and Workforce Development programmes.
  • Participate in a Practical, interactive workshop to develop confidence and skills.
What you will Gain?

This workshop is designed for Managers/Staff in the healthcare. The workshop will provide practical insights and suggestions in understanding needs of diverse patients and community groups, from a perspective of delivering excellent customer service, strategic planning/service design, or maximising engagement and targeting of diverse communities in delivering health promotion. Also, the essential knowledge of how faiths and cultures, medicines & disease management, patient engagement and services all can affect the quality and outcomes of healthcare delivery.

The workshop will enable delegates to become better informed, more confident and empowered to interact effectively.

Who should Attend?

NHS Managers/Directors, Clinicians, Nurses in:

¨ HR, Workforce Development, Training, Equality & Diversity

¨ Commissioning, Service Modernisation, Health improvement

¨ Public Health, Health Promotion, Social Marketing

¨ Public / Patient Engagement, Provider Services.

Workshop Content: (duration 1-2 days)


" This course is more informative. It would help Staff to have better cultural intelligence compared to others" Primary Care Manager

" It is very interactive which is excellent as you can ask questions and get answers in a "safe" environment,. There was open group discussion where we could express examples and draw on real life experiences.

MI-Senior Primary Care Manager

" All information very relevant and useful. Very interesting & enjoyable course which has given me practical tips & a summary of cultural issues which I will apply to my work"

HH -Principal Health Improvement Specialist

" Would be especially useful for front line staff"

-JH-Health Visitor

< Equality & Diversity, Equal Opportunities:

o What they mean in practice, How they effect you and your role. Demographics, and legal requirements.

o Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination

< Communications in a multi-cultural setting:

o Customs & Etiquettes, Lifestyle, Languages, Names, Greetings

o Overview of main Faiths in UK, key messages and practices,

< Faith Issues in Healthcare:

o Cultural & Faith considerations in healthcare, Attitudes & Beliefs, tackling sensitive issues.

o Medicines-drug formulations, attitudes to pain relief, etc.

o Foods, diets, culture and personal Hygiene

o Managing Ethnic Patients

o Patient needs & communications

< Service Design & Delivery to BAME groups

o Service planning - key considerations

o Social Marketing- scope and application to -Health Inequalities, access to services, engagement and delivery.

< Open Q & A

Note: Content may vary depending on one or two day courses, and for “in-house” courses..

“ Our Staff found the workshop to be excellent, very interactive, where they could draw on real life experiences to become better informed, more confident and empowered to interact effectively.” PCT Head of Workforce Development, OD & HR

Need More Reasons to Attend?

Here’s a small selection of testimonials from satisfied delegates who attended other Cultural Intelligence courses:

“It was extremely useful “Really enjoyed course, tutor friendly

and carried out well" and professional"

“ Course was extremely informative, opened my eyes to different cultures and religions and now feel comfortable communicating at a deeper level with individuals from all cultures and religions!

“ Excellent, Informative and at times eye opening”

Cultural Intelligence for Healthcare professionals

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