Digital Cameras Beyond The Basics

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    Vocational qualification

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    5 Weeks


Practical exercises using computers and digital cameras. A series of informal and relaxed sessions to help you explore the full potential of your camera.




Cirencester (Gloucestershire)
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Fosse Way Campus Stroud Road, GL7 1XA


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Course programme

Digital Cameras Beyond The Basics
Explore the potential of your digital camera in more depth. Use a wider range of settings to take control of the camera and capture photos as you want them. Download onto the computer and edit them to use in leaflets or calendars and investigate how to share them with others in print or electronically.

* Tuesday 11:30am - 1:30pm at Castle, Cecily Hill
* Fee £84.00
* Starts: Feb 23, 2010
* Duration: 5 weeks
* Code: DC9X09C1VA

* Wednesday 1:00pm - 3:00pm at Library, Minchinhampton
* Fee £84.00
* Starts: Feb 24, 2010
* Duration: 5 weeks
* Code: DC9X09C1VB

* Thursday 7:00pm - 9:00pm at Castle, Cecily Hill
* Fee £84.00
* Starts: Feb 25, 2010
* Duration: 5 weeks
* Code: DC9X09C1WA

* Thursday 10:00am - 12:00pm at Tetbury (Tetbury Learning Centre)
* Fee £84.00
* Starts: Feb 25, 2010
* Duration: 5 weeks
* Code: DC9X09C1VC

What does the course involve?
Practical exercises using computers and digital cameras. A series of informal and relaxed sessions to help you explore the full potential of your camera.

What will I study?
Learning more about what the digital camera can do Taking photos using your own or one of the college digital cameras and downloading photos from the camera to a computer.

Camera settings Changing the resolution/quality settings on your camera and understanding the implications of doing so. Using a range of scene modes or programmable settings (file formats, compression options, sensitivity).

Taking the picture Focus and depth of field. Light conditions - flash and white balance. Experimenting with composition.

Editing and using your images Applying special effects and changing colour balance. Removing blemishes with the clone tool. Using your photos in calendars or other documents and creating PowerPoint photo albums.

What are the entry requirements for Digital Cameras Beyond The Basics?

* You need to have studied Digital Cameras to a beginners level.

How is the course assessed?

* There is no assessment for this course

Frequently Asked Questions
If I use my own camera, what else will I need for the course?
You will need to bring the USB cable that came with your camera. You should also bring the instruction manual. Make sure that the camera has fully charged batteries before each class or bring spares.

How is this course different from the other digital camera courses you offer?
This is a ten-hour course, into which we try to pack as much information as possible. The pace of the course depends on your existing knowledge and that of your fellow students. Take a look at the description of our other course, Digital Cameras The Basics, to make sure you are ready for this one.

What computer and camera skills do I need to do the course?
You will need basic computer and keyboard skills to benefit from this course, though your tutor will help you as much as possible. Basic experience with a digital camera is essential. You will already know how to take pictures using the automatic settings on your camera and be able to either download them to a computer or have them commercially printed or transferred to disk.

What happens if I cant download pictures from my camera during the course?
Downloading from your camera to the college's computers is normally performed using the Microsoft Windows XP Scanner and Camera Wizard or using a card reader. Very occasionally, depending on the make and model of your camera, this may not work. In these circumstances, the college will provide a camera for you to use during the course.

Will I be able to send pictures by email or use the Internet on this course?
We recognise that many of our learners want to send photos by email and access relevant web sites. We will include this wherever possible, but as many of the venues for this course, such as village halls, have no Internet connection, this may not be feasible.

Will this course help me if I want to upgrade my camera?
As our camera courses attract a wide range of participants, this is often a useful forum for discussion and advice on different makes and models.

I want to learn more about photographic art - Is this the course for me?
We hope that by the end of the course you will be able to express yourself more freely with your camera and take better pictures, but this course aims to help you better understand the technicalities of digital photography.

What other specialist equipment will I need?
You may choose to buy a flash drive to store your photos between classes. Prices vary but you should not need to pay more than £10 for one with enough capacity.

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£ 84 + VAT