E.M.F. Electro Magnetic Fields Person's Certificate

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To ensure that you have an understanding of the principles of Electro-. magnetism. To develop an understanding of the effects of EMF on people. To give you an insight into instrumentation. To develop in-depth knowledge of the Regulations. To provide you with an insight into the principles of controlling EMF. exposure. To ensure you can prepare a report to satisfy external inspector/auditor.




Scarborough (North Yorkshire)
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Salter Road, Scarborough Business Park, YO11 3UZ


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Course programme

Who Should Attend?

Any organisation where the exposure to Electro-Magnetic Fields is an issue, should have a competent person to deal with assessments. This person may be a professional safety officer, a works manager or simply someone who has been given the responsibility for EMF assessments. The course a great way to formalise previous knowledge of the subject, but is equally suited to those entirely new to the area.

Course Overview

The course consists of 3 modules, which are structured in the following way:

Module 1 - Distance learning package

Designed to give you an insight into the course and to familiarise you with some of the terms and concepts you will encounter. This work gives a good foundation and should be completed before attending module 2.

Module 2 - Three day course

The syllabus for module 2 will include major topics incorporating EMF theory, measurement parameters, EMF reduction techniques, legislation and standards, instrumentation and measurement. There is also a heavy practical element of the course to familiarise you with the techniques of measurement and the fundamental operation of instruments.

Module 3 - Risk assessment project

This can either be produced using results from measurements taken during module 2 or can be a project of your choice, which involves the production of a risk assessment report. This report is the basis of certification for the course and is marked by your tutor. On successful completion, a certificate of competence will be issued.

What Will You Achieve?

Your Academy competent Person's Certificate is backed by over 15 years of training heritage and gives you just the evidence you need to prove suitability for the task. You will also be entitled to claim CPD points for your professional memberships.

E.M.F. Electro Magnetic Fields Person's Certificate

£ 899 + VAT