Engineering Technical Support Level 3


In Belfast City

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    Belfast city (Northern Ireland)

To gain knowledge and skills on engineering technical support level 3. Suitable for anyone interested in engineering technical support level 3.



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Belfast City (County Antrim)
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Interpoint 20-24 York Street, BT15 1AQ

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Course programme

Mandatory Units (All three Units must be taken by all Candidates)

  • Unit 1: Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements
  • Unit 2: Using and Interpreting Engineering Data and Information
  • Unit 3: Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering


Engineering Drawing
Must complete one of the following Units:

  • Unit 4: Producing Mechanical Engineering Drawings using Computer Aided techniques
  • Unit 5: Producing Engineering Drawings using 3D Modelling Techniques
  • Unit 6: Producing Electrical Engineering Drawings
  • Unit 7: Producing Electronic Engineering Drawings
  • Unit 8: Producing Fabrication/Structural Engineering Drawings
  • Unit 9: Producing Fluid Power Engineering Drawings
  • Unit 10: Producing Systems/Service Engineering Drawings

Quality Control
Must complete one of the following Units:

  • Unit 11: Inspecting Mechanical Products
  • Unit 12: Inspecting Components using Co-ordinate Measuring Methods (CMM)
  • Unit 13: Inspecting Fabricated Components and Structures
  • Unit 14: Visual Inspection of Welded Fabrications
  • Unit 15: Inspecting and Testing Electrical Products
  • Unit 16: Inspecting and Testing Electronic Products
  • Unit 17: Checking and Calibrating Mechanical Inspection Equipment
  • Unit 18: Checking and Calibrating Electrical and Electronic Test Equipment
  • Unit 19: Checking and Calibrating Process Control Instrumentation

Non Destructive Testing
Must complete two of the following units:

  • Unit 20: Determining Technical Requirements for Non-Destructive Testing
  • Unit 21: Specifying Non Destructive Testing Instructions for Inspection Activities
  • Unit 22: Inspecting Engineering Products by Penetrant Flaw Detection Techniques
  • Unit 23: Inspecting Engineering Products by Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Unit 24: Preparing Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment for Testing Activities
  • Unit 25: Inspecting Engineering Products using Ultrasonic Testing Techniques
  • Unit 26: Preparing Work Areas for Radiographic Testing Activities
  • Unit 27: Carrying out Radiographic Testing of Engineering Products
  • Unit 28: Analysing and Interpreting the Results of Radiographic Tests

Computer Control Programming
Must complete one of the following Units:

  • Unit 29: Providing Operational Support for Computer Control Programmes
  • Unit 30: Loading and Proving Computer Control Programmes

Plus one more unit from the following:

  • Unit 31: Producing Operating Programmes for Co-ordinate Measuring Machines
  • Unit 32: Producing Offline Programmes for PLC Equipment
  • Unit 33: Producing Offline Programmes for Industrial Robots
  • Unit 34: Producing Offline Programmes for Laser Profiling Machines
  • Unit 35: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Fabrication Machines
  • Unit 36: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Turning
  • Unit 37: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Milling
  • Unit 38: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Grinding
  • Unit 39: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Gear Cutting
  • Unit 40: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Electro Discharge Machining
  • Unit 41: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Boring Machines
  • Unit 42: Producing Offline Programmes for CNC Machining Centres

Technical Services
Must complete the following Unit:

  • Unit 43: Resolving Engineering Problem

Plus three more units one of which must be from group A
Group A Units:

  • Unit 44: Planning Engineering Activities
  • Unit 45: Implementing Engineering Activities
  • Unit 46: Monitoring Engineering Activities
  • Unit 47: Producing Technical Information for Engineering Activities
  • Unit 48: Obtaining Resources for Engineering Activities
  • Unit 49: Obtaining and Controlling Materials for Engineering Activities
  • Unit 50: Providing Technical Sales and Marketing Support for Engineering Activities
  • Unit 51: Implementing Quality Control Systems and Procedures in an Engineering Environment
  • Unit 52: Scheduling Engineering Activities
  • Unit 53: Determining Engineering Requirements for the Supply of Products or Services
  • Unit 54: Carrying out Condition Monitoring of Engineering Plant and Equipment
  • Unit 55: Carrying out Fault Diagnosis on Engineering Plant and Equipment

Group B Units:

  • Unit 56: Providing Technical Advice and Guidance on Engineering Activities
  • Unit 57: Carrying out Project Management of Engineering Activities
  • Unit 58: Developing and Maintaining Effective Customer Relationships
  • Unit 59: Handing Over and Exchanging Responsibility for Control of Engineering Activities
  • Unit 60: Carrying out Health and Safety Risk Assessments on Engineering Activities
  • Unit 61: Producing Contractual Arrangements to Supply or Procure Goods or Services for Engineering Activities

Engineering Technical Support Level 3

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