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    Vocational qualification

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    2 Years



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Huddersfield (West Yorkshire)
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Greenhead Road, HD1 4ES

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About this course

As a minimum requirement we expect students to have gained at least a grade C at GCSE. We do not offer a course for beginners in German.

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Course programme


The aims of the German course
This two-year course aims to develop the students' speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to the same high standard, leading to the examination offered by the AQA Board.

We aim to build upon the oral strengths of GCSE in order to provide students with the means to express their ideas through the language. The use of German as the principal means of communication in the classroom plays an important part in this and in preparation for role-play, discussion and general conversation in the final exam.

Our ultimate objective is to convey to students the joy of working with words and language as well as preparing them for particular examination requirements.

Hier spricht man Deutsch!

AS level German
Designed to follow on naturally from GCSE, this one-year AQA course places virtually equal emphasis on each of the four language skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing. As students develop their knowledge of German, they learn about Germany, the country and the people. We are satisfied that this course will not only provide future language specialists with a good foundation but will also enable students of a wide range of disciplines, from the creative arts to science and technology, to develop a useful auxiliary skill.

The AS course consists of two modules. The modules cover the four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing. They will all be taken at the end of the year.

You will also study the grammar of the language to help you to understand more complicated structures. First year students are encouraged to take part in the exchange and/or to opt for a work shadowing placement.

AS Specification at a glance

A-level German
If you continue into the second year of German you will take a further three modules at the end of the year to gain an A-level qualification. The four language skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing are again tested.

The topics for this year are designed to extend your knowledge of the AS topics and to encourage you to think independently about moral and social issues.

There is very little new grammar this year as it is a consolidation year where you will be expected to develop your fluency and accuracy.

A2 Specification at a glance

The German exchange
We have a link with the Ernst Barlach Gymnasium in Unna, North-West Germany, and A1 students are encouraged to participate. The German students come to Greenhead in February and our students spend a week in Germany in April.

Work experience
We also offer work shadowing placements in Unna. These are undertaken either during the exchange week or during Greenhead's work shadowing week in June. Most types of placement can be found providing students give us sufficient notice of their requirements.


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