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General College requirements. English Language GCSE Grade C. Students need not have studied the subject to GCSE level to study the AS.

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Course programme

AS History
Level: AS/A2

Awarding Body: EDEXCEL AS (8H101) A2 (9H101)

Course Content:
The course has been designed to examine the developments that have shaped British politics and society, and to examine the influences that shaped other societies in the 20th Century.

The theme of nationalism in other countries is examined through the history of Spain and the Middle East in the 20th Century. In British history political change and conflict in the 20th century is studied, and the origins of Britain's democracy - the change from a state controlled by the aristocracy in 1815 to a democratic state in 1948 - will be investigated as the coursework element. Different political systems - imperial, democratic and authoritarian, and their effect on society - are examined in the context of Germany in the 20th Century.


Unit 1: Historical Themes in Breadth. Students study two topics:

F4 Republicanism, Civil War and Francoism in Spain, 1931-75

F6 The Middle East, 1945-2001: The State of Israel and Arab Nationalism.

Unit 2: British History Depth Studies.

E1 British Political History, 1945 - 90; Consensus and Conflict. This Unit gives students the opportunity to work with historical sources.


Unit 3: Depth Studies and Associated Historical Controversies

D1 From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45.

Unit 5: Coursework.

The Rise of the Democratic state 1833 - 1948.

Other Interests in History

If you are interested in an area of history that is not taught on the course such as Black, Irish, or medieval history, the department will support your research through workshops. Each year AS students also take part in a local history project in which they use archives and a variety of evidence to investigate the past of the area around the college.

Teaching Learning Methods:
Induction material helps the student understand the skills demanded of AS and A2 and allows transition to be made from GCSE to a higher level of study. There is an emphasis on skills acquisition to enable students to research, write notes and essays, understand and use primary sources and develop good revision and examination techniques.

Whole class teaching, individual and group work takes place. Discussion plays an important part in developing critical faculties and there is an opportunity for students to present their ideas in formal presentations to colleagues. Use of IT is encouraged, particularly for the presentation of coursework and using the internet for research.

Workshops in the history rooms provide the opportunity for individual study and consultation with staff to improve work.

Three teachers are involved in delivering the subject, thereby providing a variety of approach.

1 (6H101) Written Exam 1hr 20m 25%
2 (6H102) Written Exam 1hr 20m 25%


4 (6H103) Written Exam 2 hours 30%
5 (6H104) Coursework 4000 words max 20%

Skills & Commitment:
Students must be prepared to engage in individual research, using the Internet, periodicals and the library. This will enable a student to complete assignments and play a full part in class discussion and group work. Students who enjoy posing and answering questions and analysing problems of the past will benefit from the course. All skills necessary to pass the exam will be taught. However, the ability to write well is a distinct advantage.

None. All materials are supplied and the library is an excellent resource, which is supplemented by additional sources in the history rooms.

Contrary to popular belief, studying history does not just prepare you for teaching and lecturing! Universities believe it to be an excellent foundation for a law degree and many history graduates enter accountancy, banking, insurance and business related occupations. It is a popular subject for journalists and history degrees are regarded highly by the media, particularly the BBC. Administration, notably local government and the civil service, is also a recognised progression route. History AS/A2 informs universities and employers that you possess high level skills which make you flexible and intellectually capable of being trained in a multitude of disciplines. If you do not know what you wish to do in the future, then history will keep your options open.

AS History

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